Our student leadership teams for 2023.

We promote school-wide, student leadership and actively develop leadership skills in all students. There are regular opportunities for them to practise these skills because we truly value student input and leadership throughout the entire education process. We have a combination of formal and informal opportunities. 

Our more formal appointments are - 

School Student Leaders

Leisha Branson, Jett Mitchell, Isla Sutherland, Kayden Carr, Freya McClaer, Archer O'Brien, Perri Maynard, Linkon Hobson


House Leaders -

Darling (Red) - Olivia Carter, Paige Fitzsimmons and Tyrel Divola

Murray (Blue) - Isla French, Shelby Crisp and Jye Alderton

Macquarie (Green) - Cobie Beswick, Melanie Beswick and Elih Noll

Murrumbidgee (Yellow)  - Laisa Savou, Okzana Fono and Joshua Holland


Tech Team


SRC Representatives -

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5



Team 1 -  .

Team 2 - .


Environment Leaders