CATS- Compass online

Have you seen your child’s Report?

Jump Online… details below

The first CAT (Common Assessment Task) report is going up next week.  You can view teacher feedback and even leave a comment. We know that students outcomes improve when parent engagement is high. So test your log on, ready to view the CATs next week.

The first round of CATs will be:

Prep- Maths- Numbers to 10. (Online- Week 6, Ungraded)

Yr 1/2- Learner Profile (Online- Week 6)

Yr 3/4- Reading (Online- Week 6)

Yr 5/6- Writing- Letter Writing (Online- Week 6)

To log on, enter your parent code (The first three letters of your last name and a four digit code- ie. ABC0011)

You can log in at  or via the mobile apps available in the Android and iTunes stores – search for Compass School Manager.

Compass Support

If you need help please call! A password reset is easy! If you would like further assistance please make a time to meet with Darrel Branson or Luke Jeffers. We are here to help!

OSHC is open all day 6th March for the Student Free Curriculum Day

Enrolment forms are available from the school office or the OSHC service – places are limited, please book early!


Phone: 5023 1336   Mobile: 0408 050 802

Canteen Menu gets Healthy Approval

A new canteen menu was sent home last week. This menu is a significant one as it has taken all last year to create with research and guidance from Sunraysia Community Health Services and The Healthy Eating Advisory Service of Australia. All of our recipes and food items have been assessed and passed in accordance with our Healthy School Initiative. This means our menu has lots of nutritious meals while still managing to keep some of our children’s favourites. We are very proud of this menu and family feedback is always welcomed. We hope you take the time to look it over and maybe try something new. Our recipes are available at the canteen if you wish to try one at home.

MWPS Being Healthy Together

Healthy lunches and snacks are very important for active, growing children. Eating healthy food helps children concentrate and learn better in the classroom. It also provides children with the necessary energy to get through a busy school day. Please refer to the handout in this week’s newsletter for some tips on healthy snacks and lunches you could put in your child’s lunchbox.


Academy Photography will be at school on Friday 28th February for School Photos. Please make sure that students are at school nice and early as the photographer will begin at 9am. All students are required to wear full School Uniform.

Each child has an individually named photo envelope to take home.

  • If your child did not receive an envelope, please collect a blank order form from the school office.
  • Family Photo order forms are also available from the school office.
  • All students need to return their envelope whether they order photos or not.
  • The office will collect orders up until 8.30am Friday 28/2/20.

There are 2 ways to pay for photos

  • Pay online at using the individual code that appears on your order form (students will still need to bring the order to school)
  • Send cash or cheque, along with your order in the supplied envelope.  You must have correct money, as the photographer will not have change.

The school cannot accept EFTPOS or BPay in this case, as the money goes to the photographer on the day.

Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings

PLEASE jump on COMPASS and book a time to come to school and tell the teacher all about your child. If you have trouble with COMPASS please contact the school office and we will sort it out. I do hope everyone can come. If the times do not suit you, please contact the teacher to negotiate an alternative.


Have you booked a time to meet your child’s teacher?     

  • Wednesday 19th February (Prep meetings only)
  • Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th February (Grades 1-6)

You know your child best. Please come and tell us about him/her


Assessment and Reporting

Mildura West Primary School’s Assessment and Reporting is ONLINE. We are using a program called Compass, to communicate with Parents and Carers about each child’s learning progress.

Why are we doing this?

Assessment and Reporting is more effective if it is ongoing throughout the entire year. We know that education is best when you, your child and the school work together. Online Reporting offers an opportunity for parents to become more involved in the learning process.

What is Compass?

  • A Student Online Assessment and Reporting system
  • A Parent Portal that will allow you to view and comment on your child’s assessment tasks
  • A place for teachers to provide feedback
  • Ongoing reporting on your child’s learning


You will have access to a number of assessment tasks that your child will complete throughout the year. Teachers will provide feedback to the students.

Each assessment task is called a CAT (Common Assessment Task).


Parents will still receive a report on their child’s learning at half and end of year mark.

This will be a summary of achievement, not a detailed account.


Assessment Tasks

  • Students will complete regular assessment tasks (CATs), across a range of subject areas.
  • These tasks (CATs) are designed to assess student abilities against the Victorian Curriculum at the expected grade level.
  • These tasks (CATs) will provide you with valuable information about your child’s progress
  • The tasks are samples of your child’s work and will give you an example of how your child has performed against criteria.


How will the Assessment Grading work?

  • Students will be assessed on their academic performance as At Risk, Below Standard, At Standard and Above Standard.
  • Students will be assessed on their work habits as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Acceptable and Needs Attention.


* If you have any concerns about this process, please see your child’s teacher.

Grade 5/6 Team Building

Last Thursday the Grade 5/6’s went to Jaycee Park and we did lots of team building activities. We all had a lot of fun getting to know each other especially mixing up the grade 5’s and 6’s. Some of the things we focused on were being Principled, improving our Communication skills and being a Risk-Taker, by trying new things. The teachers, ES and students all joined in and had fun together. Overall it was an awesome day! By Molly and Musashi

Building A Classroom Community

Over the last 2-3 weeks our children have been forming many new friendships and building a positive Classroom Community. As they learn, they work in pairs and small teams, gaining necessary life skills Part of the “Team Building” has been lots of fun!!The Grade 5 & 6 students went to Jaycee Park and engaged in lots of collaborative, challenging tasks. The Grade 3 & 4 students had a Water Fun morning on the school oval. It’s wonderful to see so much fun and laughter.

Hats & Water Bottles please

Please ensure your child has a broad brimmed hat, clearly labelled. As you know, we have several weeks of hot weather ahead and we need to protect our children’s skin. Any child who does not have a hat is requested to play under the shade sails at the front of the school.

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school. Please remember, it can only
contain water.