Seesaw – Please activate

Please ensure your See Saw is activated. During the pandemic, communication is more important than ever. Parents/Carers are not permitted on the school grounds, so it’s vital we communicate through See Saw, Compass, email, phone and text.

Dance Rehearsals

Everyone is dancing the day away & loving it. Our concert will be pre-recorded for all to see. We will let you know the details ASAP. Although the pandemic has prevented so many school activities it’s super that we can still provide some music and joy in such a performance

Mildura West Podcast – ‘Way Out West’ - Episode 15

The latest episode has been produced by our Grade 5 students! This week it’s all about being back at school with lots of student interviews. We hope you have a listen and subscribe to all our episodes. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify or Google podcasts – just search for “Mildura west”!

Or you can find us here too:

Water Bottles

Water Bottles are recommended, every child needs to bring a water bottle to school. Soft drinks and cordials are not permitted in these bottles. Please ensure the bottle is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

HATS PLEASE – Let’s be Sun smart!

HATS PLEASE – Let’s be Sun smart!
All students must wear a hat in term 4.
The hat needs to be part of our school uniform, navy and preferably have a broad rim.
This is in line with our School Sun Smart Policy.
Please ensure your child’s hat is clearly named.
If children do not wear a hat then they must go under the shade area.


Back of school.
Parking at Pick up time- 3:15pm – Back of the School.
As you are aware there are some major building works happening in the middle of the school, we can’t wait to see our new landscaped area. Consequently traffic flow of pedestrian children out of school and cars is now more congested.
To help keep the back exit of the school safe, please:
 Obey traffic parking restrictions in Cypress Ave (There is a No Standing zone 3-4pm) Council have patrolled and fined people in the past.
 Park in the Car Park and wait along Cypress Ave for your child.
 Park in 10th Street and collect your child from Cypress Ave. (A patrolled children’s crossing is available on 10th St)
 Park on Ontario Ave and organise for your child to exit from the Oval gate on Ontario Ave.
As a part of our Healthy Schools initiative, we are also planning to have a Drop and Stride zone at Mansell Reserve (This has been delayed due to COVID). We encourage families to think of this as a great alternative to get some exercise and transport safely to school.
Front of school
Please ensure you park in the designated parks. DO NOT park in the school driveway.
Please respect other drivers and be very, very careful of our children.

Mildura West Podcast – ‘Way Out West’ - Episode 13

Our first episode for term 3! 


We Interview Karen Becker, our new grade 1 teacher. We also talk to our school leaders and ask some students what they thought about online learning during term 2. We hope you have a listen and subscribe to all our episodes. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify or Google podcasts – just search for “Mildura west”! Or you can find us here too:


Recently, we have been using a Scrunchable Plastics tub at lunch and recess! It’s looking very full. Students can put scrunchable plastics (plastic packaging that crinkles up) inside the tub instead of the bin to be recycled. Each week, the tub is emptied into the Recycle bins at Woolworths and/or Coles.

Friendship Zone /RREP

Welcome back Westies, we hope you had an amazing break! We have been looking forward to seeing our Prep, Ones and Twos in the friendship zone. Our friendship zone is all about making friends and having fun at lunch time, we love it! We have noticed a lot of acts of kindness this week and it has been super to see. We have been thinking hard for new ideas and activities that we can do and have finally been able to start using them this term! We have activities such as skipping, chalk drawing, puppets, mindfulness colouring, dress ups and more. It has been great to see everyone’s happy faces back at school. By Viktorya & Brooke

Student Agency

Welcome to our IB corner, this week I want to explain Student Agency. Have you heard of it, maybe your child has used the words? Read below to help you understand more and the importance of it for students in order to develop into life-long learners.

What is Student Agency?

Effective schools build a culture where students and teachers work together. In essence, Student Agency refers to the level of independence a student has in the classroom. Student Agency and Voice are intrinsically connected. Agency gives the students power to direct their learning and take responsibility for it. Voice allows the student to be heard as an active learner this encourages engagement, participation, leadership and learning.


 -  students question, guide and direct learning

 - students propose and initiate action

 - students participate in decision making


  -  students co-construct learning goals

  - students make informed choices

  - students take risks and take responsibility for their learning


 - teachers offer choice and help develop personalised learning goals

 - students reflect on own learning goals

 - students ideas are supported throughout planning and taking action