Prep 2021 Parent Information Sessions

Preps at the concert

As you know, starting school is a big event for our children………and often for the parents too.

This year’s Preps have settled in and are now learning lots. We would love it if our Prep parents could come to school to find out how they can help their children and also learn how we teach.

We will be having two evening sessions:

Session 1 – Parents will learn how we teach Reading, Writing and Maths When: Thursday 20th May, 6.00 – 7.15pm (Parents only session)

Grade 1/2 Inquiry

Student Group Photo

Grade 1 and 2 are learning about how “Most food goes through several stages of production before it gets to homes”. We have approached our learning by developing our research skills. We have learnt part of researching is learning from guest speakers and asking questions. Lucky us living in Sunraysia and our parents have a lot of expertise! This week our guest speakers have been Bart van Olphen (Ida’s dad) from Chalmers wine taught us all about growing grapes. Bart taught Zara Frazzica that he makes different coloured wines with the different coloured skins.

Out On The dig

On the dig

Our Grade 6 students became Archeologists this term. Their Unit Of Inquiry, 'Where we are in Place and Time' saw them dig up the past to discover how it helps us understand the present and informs the future. Today their hard work and effort paid off with a "DIG EXPO" showcasing their research around the artifacts they had uncovered. We have created a whole website to share their learning here: