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A “Perfect Pocket Poetry Picnic”

WOW What a fantastic picnic!
It was so good to see our families back on our school grounds.
And so terrific to have our students to be able to share their poems, after such a long time. We had organised this activity twice before, but it had to be postponed, due to COVID and poor weather.
A great big thank you to those who were able to attend. And a huge “well done” to our students for writing such great poems.

Goodbye, Good luck and Thank You

Sarah Edlington – Office Manager We recently said farewell to our wonderful Office Manager, Sarah Edlington. Sarah has been a very important part of our school community for 9 years. She has taken such good care of our children, our staff and our families. Her role has been diverse and I know we will miss her a great deal. Sarah has taken a promotion at Mildura Primary School. We wish her luck for the future and hope she pops back for a visit sometime.

Loretta Ghidinelli - Speech Therapist I am also sorry to say, we have said goodbye to our Speech Therapist, Loretta Ghidinelli, who has also taken a promotion with the Education Department. Loretta has supported many of our children for several years and we thank her so very much for all she has done. We will miss Loretta too, but wish her well in her new position.