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To keep our school safe, we have some important operational guidelines.

This includes:

  1. QR codes and record keeping

The use of Service Victoria QR codes for electronic record keeping is mandatory in all schools to enable the effective contact tracing of any COVID-19 cases. This requirement will continue into Term 3 until further notice. QR code check ins are required to be used by:

  • all visitors on school site (including contractors, external Department staff and building and maintenance staff)
  • all parents who enter school buildings when on school site

QR code check ins are not required to be used by parents who come onto school grounds for drop off or pick up, if parents do not enter buildings.

It is highly recommended that parents do not come on to the school ground for this period.

  1. Drop Off & Picking Up your children
  • The Education Department Guidelines state that if you are dropping off or picking up your children please ensure social distancing is in place. Do not congregate at school gates.
  1. Social Distancing
  • Social distancing to be implemented at all times.
  1. School Assemblies
  • Unfortunately, cannot be held.
  1. Interschool Sport cannot be held.
  • This is now possible due to change in restrictions, today
  1. School Camps
  • Can go ahead if in Victoria
  1. Breakfast Club
  • Can go ahead
  1. OHSC
  • Operating as normal
  1. Students must stay home if they are unwell
  1. Athletics
  • At this stage our Athletics carnival has been postponed until Monday, August 16th.
  • We will let you know details once we are closer to the date around if/how we can accommodate crowds.
  1. Face masks:
  • All parents, all visitors MUST wear face masks.
  • Students are not required to wear face masks when at school.

Thank you for your continued support during this time. As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries.


MWPS Homework policy can be found in our MWPS Documentation on our webpage.

Homework gives children a chance to:

  • work through the things they have learnt at school
  • strengthen their long-term understanding of the topic or activity.

Homework helps your child to develop study skills that they will use for the rest of their life.

It’s also a chance for you to get involved and help in your child’s learning.

I acknowledge and respect, that some parents do not philosophically agree with their children completing any Homework. That remains a choice for them. At West, we ensure all Homework requirements are kept to a sensible amount because we also believe children should play and enjoy themselves after school too. Consequently, our Policy is based around relevant, essential tasks, such as Reading.

Please talk to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about this Homework Policy. Or give me a call if you have any concerns.

Grade 6 Unit of Inquiry "The Dig Expo"

Our Grade 6 students became Archeologists this term. Their Unit Of Inquiry, 'Where we are in Place and Time' saw them dig up the past to discover how it helps us understand the present and informs the future. Today their hard work and effort paid off with a "DIG EXPO" showcasing their research around the artifacts they had uncovered. Take a look at the link below -


Pete the Sheep

Yesterday the Prep and Grade 1 students went to the Mildura Arts Centre to watch the performance of “Pete the Sheep’. Everyone was excited to go to the theatre and enjoyed the singing and dancing in the show. Only four actors performed, so the kids were amazed at how much they did with the changes of characters, voices and hats and how quickly they changed their setting. The big idea of ‘it is okay to be different’ and how to ‘think outside the box’ has been discussed with the children.