Welcome to the Children's Learning Centre.

The Children's Learning Centre is a hive of activity daily from classes borrowing, ICT classes, lunch time activities and even student run clubs. The Centre houses an impressive selection of books in a multitude of genres in all areas. We are continually adding new titles to the bookshelves to ensure that every student is catered for. Children can freely borrow from our picture book area, non- fiction section, and independent novels. Plus, we have a large selection of titles in our class set areas, specifically designed for when our students are engaged in either our FAB or Literature Circle programs.


Children visit the CLC at least once a week for borrowing in class time, however, it is also open before and after school for borrowing as well as being opened every lunchtime. Just a friendly reminder that children need a library bag to borrow from the CLC. This helps protect the books from food, drinks and being damaged in the school bag. If your child doesn't have a library bag, an old pillow case or an environmentally friendly green shopping bag will do the trick.

Lunch Time.

The students are able to come to the Learning Centre every lunch time. It is a place that is always welcoming and friendly, there is always something happening in the centre during  the lunch break. Children can read on the comfy couches, colour in at the tables, we have puppet they simply love playing with, blocks and some lunch times Darrel takes students for some ICT fun too.

Overdue Notices.

Students generally return their finished books during their library borrowing time each week, however sometimes they can go astray. Overdue notices will be sent home fortnightly, with a reminder put on Seesaw to let you know. Please have a look and return any books the next day.