All students have leadership potential. At Mildura West Primary School, there are numerous opportunities for students to take up positions with responsibility. All students have a genuine “voice” at West. We listen to our students and they know we value their opinion. Informally, students share their ideas and feelings every day but there are many formal processes for students to be heard.

  • Class Meetings are held weekly in Grades 2-6. Representatives from each class take their ideas and concerns to the Student Representative Council. Prep and Grade 1 have Circle Time to share their thoughts.
  • Our SRC meets every 2 weeks; it is a very proactive group. Students discuss important aspects of the school and make changes. They plan many fun activity days.
  • Principal’s Lunch; each week, eight Grade 5 & 6 students have lunch with the Principal or Assistant Principal. Students talk about the positive elements of the school and problem-solve issues. 
  • School Assembly; students facilitate the school assembly every second Friday.
  • R.R.E.P.; Students from our RREP Program are trained to help out in the school yard every recess and lunch, and run all-inclusive activities in the Friendship Zone.
  • Enviro Leaders; we have a pro-active Environmental team supported by a team of passionate parents

R.R.E.P. (Resilience, Respect, Excellence, Pride) - A Peer Support Program

Mildura West has a wonderful lunchtime program that aims to make our school yard more inclusive and fun for everyone.  Students are selected to be R.R.E.P. Leaders for one year. These 25 students learn how to support other students in the yard and solve minor issues. They use the listen-talk-fix model which they carry a copy of in their duty folders. 

Every lunch there are 5 R.R.E.P. Leaders on duty. They run games and monitor the Friendship Zone. The Friendship Zone is an area that students can come to if they need help solving a problem or are looking for someone to play with. R.R.E.P. Leaders wear brightly coloured vests so they can be easily identified.

Students Take Action

Students are involved in Inquiry Learning regularly. They learn lots and are encourages to “take action” in some authentic way.

Student Leadership / Student Voice / Student Agency

Our school focusses heavily on Student Voice, Student Leadership and Student Agency. Although Mildura West is well known for being very child centred, we know that children can never be underestimated. They have GREAT ideas, they know what’s going on, they know the truth and they have capacity to lead. 
We have many formal leadership positions. But we also have many informal opportunities where students can take the lead. Student leadership is not confined to the group of individuals who hold a formal position. Leadership potential is inherent within all learners. Because being a leader is about having an increased sense of responsibility to help others and to model leadership principles and values. 
It’s not just about the position and the badge. It’s what we do, how we act.
Formal Leadership positions include:

  • MWPS Student Leadership Team
  • Koorie Student Leaders
  • House Captains
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • RREP Leaders
  • Environmental Leaders
  • Students Clubs – all students have the opportunity to organise a club. The children love this initiative.