Mildura West Primary School policy documents are published here.
Mildura West Documentation
Camps and Excursions Policy Camps and Excursions 2021.docx
Statement of Values and School Philosophy Statement of Values and School Philosophy.docx
Digital Learning Policy Digital Learning Policy 2021.docx
Enrolment Policy Enrolment 2021.docx
2020 Annual Report MWPS Annual Report
2021 Annual Report to The School Community 2021 Annual Report
Curriculum Framework Curriculum Framework 2021.docx
Language Policy Language Policy 2021_0.doc
Student Wellbeing and Engagement
Inclusion and Diversity Inclusion & Diversity.doc
Homework Policy 2022 Homework Policy
Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy Student Wellbeing and Engagement 2021.doc
Duty of Care Policy Duty of Care 2021.doc
Bullying Prevention Policy Bullying Prevention 2021.docx
Principle of Inclusion Statement Policy Principle of Inclusion Statement Policy.docx
Child Safety Standards
Diabetes Management Diabetes Management 2021.doc
Sun and UV Protection Sun and UV Protection 2021.docx
Four Critical Actions Poster FourCriticalActions_ChildAbuse.pdf
Asthma Policy Asthma Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy Anaphylaxis Policy
First Aid First Aid
Headlice Policy Headlice Policy
Medication Policy Medication Policy
Child Safety Policy Child-safety-policy- FINAL_0.docx
Responding and Reporting of Child Abuse Child Saftey Responding and Reporting.doc
Code of Conduct Standard 3 Code of Conduct.docx
Risk Assessment Standard 6 Standard 6 Risk Assessment.docx
Mobile Phone Policy Mobile Phone 2021.docx
Working With Children Check WWCC Policy and Register proceedures 2021.doc
Volunteers Policy Volunteers - Policy 2021.docx
Visitors to School Policy Visitors Policy Child Safe Standards 2021.doc
Electronic Funds Electronic Funds 2021.doc
Parent Payment Policy Parent Payment Policy
Parent Payment Arrangements Parent Payment Arrangement