Regular communication between parents/ carers and teachers is an essential part of your child’s education.

MWPS has an Open-Door Policy. PLEASE pop in and talk with your child’s teacher, the office staff, or the Principal.

If you cannot come in personally, just ring, email or send a note.

If you have a concern that requires a longer discussion, please make an appointment.

If your child is having difficulty at school, talk to your child’s teacher. Also talk to your child about what they think might help them.

Chat to your child about school – ask them about their new experiences, what they like, and what they find hard.

You know your child best. If you see signs of anxiety talk with them about how they are feeling. This will help to build their self-confidence and lessen any stress they may be experiencing.

It is vital you communicate with the school if you are worried about anything relating to your child.

We are here to support you.

Newsletters and Notes

Ask your child about notes/newsletters and check your child’s school bag each night for notes from school. Newsletters are sent home every second Thursday and placed on Compass / website and Facebook too.

Make sure your child knows when you place a note in their bag and what needs to be done with it.

Families with two households should ensure there is an effective method of communication between both homes and school and inform the school of any special arrangement.

Additional copies of our newsletters and notes can be found at the front office and on our website, Facebook and Compass.

Online Communication

Regular communication between parents and teachers is an essential part of your child’s education. Mildura West values this and has a rigorous communication process. For further information on this please see our Parent Handbook.

A major part of our Communication Strategy is utilising digital platforms to communicate with you. We do this because technology can help us pass on information in a timely matter. And for parents to have another channel to connect with the school and contact us. See below for information on the platforms.


Compass is the tool we use to communicate with parents for many purposes. All parents have an individual log-in where they can see their child’s progress, review their child’s attendance and make a booking for parent/student/teacher meetings. For more information on how we use Compass for our ongoing reporting see our Online Assessment & Reporting Document. Log into Compass:

Seesaw App

There are many great things happening in our classrooms daily. The Seesaw app allows us to share some of these moments with our parent community. It is not intended to be another form of formal assessment and reporting.

The Seesaw app will allow you to see a snapshot (Photos/Video) of your child at school. These could be of events or special occasions or just to celebrate their day-to-day classroom learning. We also send out reminders about school events and happenings.


Our Facebook page is used to promote events, activities and learning that is happening at our school. Although you can use the message facility to contact the school, it is not the preferred method of communication. A phone call is always best.