School times – Important. Please read carefully

School times – Important. Please read carefully

Students at School too early

The Education Department ruling is that Teachers are in their classrooms by


However, our teachers are at school much, much earlier. Which is great.

They are in their rooms preparing. We open our doors at 8.30am – this is when

children can be at school, NOT BEFORE.

We do not have anyone supervising any area of the school before this time.

Any child who comes to school before 8.30am will need to be enrolled in our Before School Care program.

Students ready to learn at 8.50.

It’s very important all students are at school by 8.50, so they can get ready for their day of learning.

 Children who come to school after 9.00 can:

  • Experience stress because they walk in late. Their class has already started
  • Miss valuable learning being introduced at the start of the day.
  • Feel confused because they don’t know what’s going on.

Please ensure your child is at school by 8.45 if possible.


Our “teeny end of year concert”

As you probably know, this year we have our tiny concert and next year is our big performance at the Mildura Arts Centre.

This year we have decided to do something a little different, due to the very hot weather and the busyness at this time of the year. In 2017 we had to postpone the concert due to very bad weather and in 2015 it was extremely hot too.

Consequently, we are going to trial an early morning concert. Afterward, we will get your feedback and if you think this model is successful then we will do it again. But if parents feel they would like to go back to the evening option, then of course we will revert back to our evening option in 2021

Our plan:

  • What is it? Our “mini” End of Year concert.
  • When is it? Wednesday 18th December
  • What time?  7.50 – 9.00am
  • Where is it? The School  oval.- Details to follow
  • Breakfast can be purchased on the oval.
  • Parents/Carers can bring a rug to sit on.

We will provide further details over the next few weeks.

IB Verification Visit

IB Verification Visit – Next Week Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd

We have our IB verification visit. What does this mean?

The purpose of the visit is to ensure that the educational principles, standards and practices on which the IB program is founded are in place. The 2 IB consultants (based in Melbourne) will:

- Gather evidence showing that the school has met all the requirements for authorization
- Identify practices that are beyond the requirements and those whose further development will contribute to the effective implementation of the program.
If we are successful then we will become a World IB School.

IB Corner

IB Corner - As an IB candidate school, Mildura West’s teachers and students focus on what it means to be a community of learners. The IB Learner Profile help us with this. Our students and staff use a common language to describe and identify behaviours of successful learners, we strive to be Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Takers, Balanced, and Reflective. In our IB corner this week, we are focussing on what it means to be a Thinker
- apply their thinking skills critically and creatively to make good decisions and to solve hard problems.

- “I am a thinker because I show my working out in Maths. If I discover a problem I will answer it another way”. - Zariah 5C
- “I think about my learning by thinking really hard to understand and know things. I might ask my teacher questions or a friend to get the answers”. - Ellie PP
- “I am a thinker by solving problems. I think of other ways to do things. In my learning I read more books and think about all the new information”. - Linkon 2D

Healthy Schools Achievement Program

Our school Council, leadership and staff have made a shared commitment to create a school environment that promotes a healthy eating and healthy lifestyle culture. We are working together to support this whole school approach and we want you as parents/carers to celebrate our successes along the way.

We have partnered with Sunraysia Community Health Services who are working with us to achieve the many steps in becoming accredited in the Healthy Schools Achievement Program. The aim of the program is to improve the health and wellbeing of students, staff and the wider community. This partnership will assist us to move through the process and connect the achievement areas to what we are already doing and what we need to do to promote healthy eating and lifestyle. The school’s canteen and curriculum programs will be complementary throughout with a whole school approach to nutrition.
We recognise that the canteen has an important role in the provision of food to our students. Renae in our canteen has been very busy updating her menu and ensuring her recipes fit into the program’s dietary guidelines. To create her recipes Renae only chooses products that are fresh and nutritious. She has also been creative with the presentation and preparation of the entire menu selection. We can now celebrate that our canteen menu only contains foods in the Everyday (Green) and Select Carefully (Amber) categories.
Look out for more updates in the newsletter.

Regional Athletics Championships

On Monday 14th October Max, Ryleigh, Izaak, Deegan, Fololeni, Bella and Kayla represented Mildura West at the Loddon Mallee Regional Athletics Championships in Bendigo. They all did themselves and the school proud and gave it their best shot.

The results for the day were as follows:

- Ryleigh MacDonald - 3rd in 12/13 girl’s long jump

- Izaak Sandow - 4th in 11 boy’s triple jump.
- Max Morgan - 4th in 11 boy’s discus.
- Deegan Cox - 4th in 9/10 boys triple jump.
- Bella McTeare - 6th in 9/10 girls shot put.
- Kayla Higgins - 6th in 11 girls 1500 metres.
- Fololeni Pohahau - Threw a personal best in 11 girl’s discus.
A big thank you to all the parents/carers who transported the kids to the event.
Well done Westies.

Mildura West Podcast ‘Way Out West’ - Episode 9

Mildura West Podcast ‘Way Out West’ - Episode 9

Mildura West house captains have published another podcast about our school. We hope you have a listen and subscribe to all our episodes. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify or Google podcasts – just search for “Mildura West”!

Or you can find us here too:

Sharing the Planet

In the Prep Unit of Inquiry, they have been learning about ‘Sharing the Planet’. They have been talking about native animals and the impact of humans on them. Today we had a visit from Sarah at Enviro EDU. We saw and learnt lots about animals such as snakes, turtles and goannas. Sarah taught us about where they lived and how to look after them. We even got to hold a python. It was very exciting!

Regional Softball Finals

On Wednesday, the girls interschool softball team went to the Aerodrome Ovals to compete against Merbein and Nichols Point in the Regional finals. In our first game, we played Merbein and were unsure of the correct score, however we know that Merbein won. In our second game, we versed Nichols Point and the score was 15-8 our way.

The highlights of the day was in the first game when Carly caught someone out on 3rd base and also when Maddy caught someone out. After an amazing day, we unfortunately didn’t qualify for Swan Hill. A big thanks to Mrs Wakefield and Lindi for coaching the girls.

By Maddy and Carly.


Our students have done an outstanding job in the 2019 Aust Maths Comp. We are thrilled to announce that the 59 students who sat the competition achieved:

-4 Distinction Awards (Adam Monger Gr 3, Mansur Tas Gr 4, Aryan Rothwell Gr 5, Declan Baldock Gr 5)

-28 Credit Awards

-23 Proficiency Awards
-4 Participation Awards

We will celebrate the students achievements at the Week 4 Assembly- Friday the 1st of November.
A big thanks to Barry Johnson who volunteers his time to come in and work with our students, we are so lucky to have him as a part of our school community.