The Deadly choices program will be running over 8 weeks in Term 4 every Monday afternoon with all Koori students in grade 4, 5 and 6. Nathan Yates from MDAS is the facilitator of this Amazing program; with Annie Villiva (wellbeing officer) and Tim Donaldson (ES) co facilitating. Leadership, Chronic Disease, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Healthy relationships and the importance of health checks and links to the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical service are some of the topics covered in this program. The students in the program have loved hearing about their culture, they are sharing things about their Mob, and they have also been practicing a Welcome/Acknowledgment to country with no assistance. We are all very proud of the Koori kids in the program. Annie Villiva (Wellbeing Officer)

eSmart Day - Friday November 1st

Mildura West will be having an eSmart morning to encourage and teach the responsible use of digital technologies. All classes will be promoting the smart, safe and responsible use of digital technology in and outside of school. Each year level will be exploring and learning how to be responsible digital citizens through a series of lessons throughout the morning. Don’t forget to ask your children what they learnt about on November 1st!

Some of our topics include:

  • Digital Footprint
  • Private and Personal Information
  • Media Balance
  • Responsibility When Online
  • Screen Out the Mean (cyber bullying)
  • Be Smart About Sharing Online
  • The Power of Words
  • Self Image and Identity

Ali Cupper’s Visit

Ali Cupper visited us last Friday. She chatted to the children about their “vision” for our school and our community. This visit was to launch her education initiative Destination 22, which is all about asking students what they want for their school and their broader community by the end of her parliamentary term in 2022. I was so very proud of the children, they had insightful ideas and spoke to Ali in a respectful but strong manner.

What do our Parents think of our school?

The Parent Opinion Survey seeks parent opinion on measures of school climate, student engagement and effective teaching practice known to influence student engagement and student outcomes. It is implemented annually, completed online and completely confidential.

A couple of weeks ago we included the Student and Staff Survey results in our Newsletter. We were thrilled as they were outstanding.

This week we’ve included Parents Survey results. You will notice that our results are higher than the State in all areas and also higher than other schools in our Network (Schools in Sunraysia).


Australian Maths Competition Assembly

The date for this presentation is now Friday the 15th of November. We are yet to receive our certificates, Parents/Carers of all children who participated in the competition will receive an invitation to attend.

Road Safety

The Civic Compliance Dept of MRCC have made contact with our school to advise us that there are some parking concerns in Gardenia Street. The Mildura Rural City Council have advised that they will be checking for vehicles not complying with the road rules, so please be aware of the local laws, signage and regulations for parking.

Grade 3 students 2020 iPad PARENT INFORMATION SESSIONS

Monday 4th November (3.30 - 4.00pm) in the Library

Monday 4th November (5.30 - 6.00pm) in the Library

Wednesday 6th November (3.30 - 4.00pm) in the Library

Wednesday 6th November (5.30 - 6.00pm) in the Library

This is an opportunity to find out about our iPad program that starts in Grade 3. Students are not able to participate in our 2020 iPad program unless their parents/carers have attended an information session or unless they have an older sibling already in the 1 to 1 iPad program. These sessions are vital for both the school and parents, to ensure the successful continuation of our ICT program. An individual note has been sent home with all grade 2 students.

CATS- New reports going up for Term 4

Below are the next lot of CATS going live. Log on, chat to your child about their learning and don’t be afraid to leave a comment. You can leave a message of support for your child, ask the teacher a question or give us your feedback.

Prep – Maths – Number Knowledge (Online Monday)

Gr 1/2- Reading- Written Response (Online – Friday Week 4)

Gr 3/4- UOI- Sharing The Planet reflection (Online – Tomorrow)

Gr 5/6- Maths – Area & Perimeter (Online- Friday Week 4)

Compass Support

If you need help please call! A password reset is easy! If you would like further assistance, please make a time to meet with Darrel Branson or Luke Jeffers. We will also have a Compass Support desk at each Friday assembly from now, so pop on over and say hi to Janine. We are here to help!

IB Corner

There has been some wonderful learning across the year levels with the current Units of Inquiry. This week, I asked different children about what they have learnt in regards to the Transdisciplinary Theme.  

Sharing the Planet (Prep):

I have learnt that we need to share the planet with animals. People can take their homes and habitats away from them. People might infect areas where the animals live, maybe with chemicals. I learnt that we should protect animals from predators, like we could put wire over the native animal’s nest – the ones that lived in Australia first, to protect them. Mika -  PB

How the World Works (Grade 1/2):

I think we need to look at how the world works with light and sound so we understand how people can experience them. I learnt that light can be manmade, for example a light globe. Or it can be natural, it might be a lightning strike and that can cause a fire. We learnt how to change light and sound. Also, that we can experience them through art (making shadow puppets) or music. Kayden -  1/2C

Sharing the Planet (Grade 3/4):

We need to consider this so we can keep our planet healthy and clean. We also have to understand things like we shouldn’t chop down trees because it could be an animal’s home. People need to learn what to do to look after our planet. Olivia -  3/4A

Sharing the Planet (Grade 3/4):

I’ve learnt that it’s not just our planet, we have to share it with other species. It is not just for humans to take over. I’ve learnt a lot about animals, about their habitats. I think the big idea though that we need to remember is, that there are always humans but you can’t just think about yourself, you must consider the environment. By building new things like factories, we are not just destroying the beauty of our world but it can put pollution in the sky, which can also be toxic to animals. Will – 4B

How the World Works (Grade 5/6):

We are learning about how the world works so we can plan ahead for the future, our future. We learnt about different types of energy and their sources. For example, renewable energy and non-renewable energy. We need to think about the pros and cons of them so we understand which options are good for the world. We need to look after the world for future generations. Austin and Logan - 6M

IB Verification

IB VerificationOn Monday and Tuesday, we had our IB evaluation – to ascertain if we can become a World IB school. The 2 consultants interviewed all teachers and many Education Support Staff. They observed all classrooms and spoke to many students. They also spoke to members of our school council. At the conclusion of the 2 days the consultant provided feedback to us. The feedback was extremely positive and we are most hopeful that we will be successful. The report will be sent to the IB head office in Singapore and they will ensure there is enough evidence for each of the IB Standards. Hopefully we will hear the outcome in 8 weeks.