School Concert

Our School Concert

Our concert is coming up fast! Karen is working very hard with all of our students practicing their dances and their acting.

This year promises to be as amazing as our previous concerts. We would love to see you all there!


Mildura Arts Centre Theatre



Tuesday 20th November

  • Matinee
  • Evening Performance

Wednesday 21st November

  • Evening Performance

Tickets will be on sale soon!

Grade 1/2 PBL Play Presentations!


















Well done to all Grade One and Twos, who shared their "Where We Are In Place And Time" PBL unit plays on Friday in their classrooms. Parents/carers/special people were invited to watch students share what they have learnt about how homes and landscapes have changed across time and place.

Each pair of students worked hard on their script, researching their chosen place and its features. Students were very knowledgeable about their chosen times/places and spoke confidently.

Australian Maths Competition Results

The results are in and our students did an exceptional job. Out of the 64 students who sat the competition, more than 50% of our kids were in the top 50% of the State.

There were 7 Distinction awards and 30 Credit awards achieved by our kids. This year Aryan Rothwell won the Best in School Award achieving a result that put him in the top 4% of his age group.

PBL Celebrations

It’s PBL Celebration time for our Grade 1,2,3,4 students this Friday.

Please come and see the wonderful learning. PBL (Project Based Learning) engages and inspires learners with hands-on, real-life learning.

It is not enough to educate students in a set of isolated subject areas. Of equal importance, is the need to acquire skills in context, and to explore content that is relevant to students and transcends the boundaries of the traditional subjects.

“To be truly educated, a student must also make connections across the disciplines, discover ways to integrate the separate subjects, and ultimately relate what they learn to life”

(Boyer 1995: 82).

We know our students learn better when they are truly excited about their learning. So we work hard to ensure our students enjoy their learning.

Gr 1/2 PBL “Where We Are In Place And Time”

On Tuesday all Grade One and Two students went to Red Cliffs as part of their learning for the 'Where We Are In Place And Time' PBL Unit. Students learnt how the landscape has changed over time and how places and homes have changed as well. Thanks to Bob and Helen Walton, Mrs Cook and all the staff who attended. We also thank the students for their excellent behaviour.

Staying safe online

Safety for children and young people on the Internet is quite possibly the biggest issue facing Australia’s youth. Parents are more concerned than ever about how they can actively protect their child in the online environment.

Technology is opening new opportunities for everyone, promoting creativity and effective learning. It is no secret that children and young people are using the Internet more than ever and from an increasingly earlier age. With approximately 60 percent of Australian children and young people using mobile devices to get online, the Internet is more accessible than ever before. This ease of access creates valid concerns for many parents.

To use technology effectively requires an awareness of both the benefits and the risks. This in turn, has created a world which can be both fun and exciting as well as providing potential dangers and harm. It is important that parents/carers and young people are aware of these risks and of the steps they can take to minimise them.


In the latest PBL (Project Based Learning) this term, the 3/4 unit has been inquiring into Forces and how they affect the behaviour of objects. On Wednesday, 4B learnt about magnetism with Miss Allen. They were able to experiment with magnets and test which objects are magnetic. It was lots of fun!! The children are learning a lot about Science inquiry skills, how to question, conduct experiments and reflect on the findings.


Thanks so much to all those parents/carers who daily make a huge effort to ensure their children are in our school uniform. Our uniform is an important part of our school and we wear it with pride. If you need support to purchase a school uniform, please contact the school office for information. Please ensure you have popped your child’s name on all items. We have lots of lost clothing in the Lost Property Box, come for a search if your child has lost his/her sweater.


The 2018 Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training.

Up to 90 of our parents have been randomly selected to participate (this is a computer generated process). If you have been selected, you will have received an email, as well as a letter home, with details on how to respond.  

Please take the time to complete the survey at the link below:

The survey can be completed on any device connected to the internet.  It only takes 10-15 mins to complete and can be accessed at any time. 

Please complete this before the 24th August 2018. The online survey will be available in a range of languages other than English. These include Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (hakha), Hindi, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Somali and Punjabi. The survey results will be reported back to the school at the end of September. PLEASE find the time to complete the survey, we really value your opinion. Please contact Anne Robinson if you have any questions or concerns about this survey.

PLEASE take the time to complete this survey - it is completely confidential

If you need access to a computer to complete the survey, please call into the front office and we are happy to assist you get set up on ours.


Lately we have had some children coming to school too early. Our classrooms are opened at 8.30. Teachers arrive at school much earlier, but they are preparing for the day. This is really a safety issue too as we do not have teachers on duty early in the morning. Parent/carers who do have to send their children to school early in the morning will need to book them into OSHC.