Attention Grade 3 Parents- You Must Attend An iPad Sessions.

2016 One to One iPad Program Parent/Student Sessions for Grade 3

What an exciting year with another group of Grade 3s entering our ‘one to one’ iPad program at Mildura West.  We will be conducting compulsory introductory iPad sessions for Grade 3 parents/carers and students on the following days. Attending one of these sessions is necessary to participate in the iPad program.

·       Session one - Wednesday 3rd Feb,  Time 3:30 - 4:00pm

·       Session two - Wednesday 3rd Feb, Time 6:00 - 6:30pm

·       Session three - Thursday 4th Feb, Time 3:30 - 4:00pm

·       Session four - Thursday 4th Feb, Time 6:00 - 6:30pm

There is no need to indicate availability, just show up on the day with your child. 


Throughout Summer, Autumn and Spring, all students are required to wear hats when playing and participating in outdoor activities.

Mildura West Logo hats are available from Lowes, Central Plaza

Canteen News

As you know there'll be a few changes in the canteen this year. We thank Dot Sibley for her years of service and welcome Renae Clifford to the role!!! Renae is a qualified Chef and has worked in the hospitality industry for many years. The canteen will open Wednesday the 10th of February and operate on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. So there'll be no canteen the first two weeks as the new menu is developed and preparation takes place. Once again we rely on the support of volunteers and if you are available to help please contact the school on 5023 1336 or call in and see us.

Welcome Back to School 2016

It was great to see lots of happy faces this morning. It was also lovely to see so many of our parents in the school. I do hope you had a lovely break.

A great deal has been happening at school over the holidays. We have our toilets renovated, they look super.

We have purchased some new furniture and many new TV and data projectors. Late February/March our new synthetic basketball court will be installed – we can hardly wait for that!!

Yesterday the staff met to plan for 2016. We had a great day and have lots of exciting learning to look forward to.

This week and next week, students will be getting to know each other and their teacher. Please pop in and say Hello to your child’s teacher. They would love to meet you.

There are many new faces at West this year and we truly welcome each one – you can read all about our new staff on the next page.


It was wonderful to see all of our children in their school uniform today - thank you.

We are going to have a great year. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Do you have any of our little books at your house?

They could be hiding under the couch, behind a door, in a box???

They’re little and can hide anywhere.

Over 4 years we’ve spent over $50,000.

The books are vital in your children learning to read.



Enviro Team to the Arts Centre

Last Thursday the Enviro Team went to the Arts Centre to add the birds they had drawn in their correct habitat on a Lake Ranfurly Banner. We are grateful to BirdLife Mildura as they have sponsored the banner. Thank you to Steve Alden and Amanda Blakeney for working with us to have the banner ready for the opening tonight at 6pm of the exhibition: ‘Voices of the Children – Special Forever.’

Marion wins Dame Phyllis Frost Award

Congratulations to Marion Vorwerk who was recognised for her contribution to Keep Australia Beautiful over many years. The school is very proud of Marion and her dedication to the school and greater community. This award recognises outstanding achievement of an individual in community participation and environmental protection:

Community involvement and contribution- the number of years of involvement and the level of involvement and contribution to their community

Demonstrating environmental concern - actively involved in enhancing and protecting their local environment

Leadership – demonstrating evidence of leadership and guidance of others within the community to achieve a positive community outcome.

Keep Victoria Beautiful participation – current and/or past participation in KVB Programs 

Congratulations Mrs Vorwerk

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria - State Award of Appreciation 2015 [for a non- member of Neighbourhood Watch making a difference!]

Since 2009, Marion has worked with Neighbourhood Watch and the local police initially instigating the Walking Bus Program at Mildura West Primary School which has now become a monthly event for the school.

Throughout these years Marion has incorporated Forensic Science into the Year 5 and 6 Science Program with Joe Clarke, local policeman, presenting authentic classes with these students and Helen from Neighbourhood Watch supporting him.
This year a pilot program is being trialled: Forensic Science and Junior Neighbourhood Watch to provide students with an understanding of Forensic Science as well as the students developing their skills such as observation, questioning and communication of their ideas in the community as part of Junior Neighbourhood Watch.

Arriving on time

Please ensure your child is here no later than 8.50am. This is very important. Many children are arriving late. When this happens, they miss valuable learning time.

Book Launch

I want to thank the parents/carers, families and friends who came to share in the celebration. It was terrific.

Our grade 6 leaders also organised a wonderful parade and everyone danced away! After our colourful fancy dress parade, the Grade 6 children also ran games for the remainder of the school.

It was lots of fun!!