Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons

   Grade 1 & 2 students swimming lessons will take place next week. Every day from Monday through to Thursday.


Students will need to bring:

·               A swim bag or plastic bag

·               Bathers – may wear these under uniform to school

·               Underwear

·               Towel

·               Goggles

·               Hair tied back if child has long hair

Overdue Notices

Last term overdue notices were sent home. Many books have found their way back to the library, however there are still a number of books outstanding, many of these are from last year.

Once again new notices will be going home with this newsletter, can you please check with your child if they have any books overdue. Sometimes students can be embarrassed to return a late book, fearing they will get in trouble. This is not the case, so to help with this, THIS WEEK, until Friday afternoon, we will be holding a ‘BOOK AMNESTY’.

Simply help your child look for any library books that they may have at home (in the bookcase, under the bed, in the car) and return them during this week.

The library is open every day, and before and after school to return books.

The first class with absolutely no books outstanding will receive a class surprise.

If you have any questions, please come in and see Janine in the Library.


West students excel in Computational and Algorithmic Thinking competition

Our Grade 5/6 Maths extension sat the competition online last term as a part of the maths extension program. We recently received their results and are pleased to announce both the Grade 5’s and Grade 6’s performed better than the State average. We are waiting for the students certificates to arrive and will present these at an upcoming assembly. Overall we had three students receive a Distinction Award, ten students receive a Credit and ten Participation Awards. Well done!!!

Parent Information Evenings

Last year we had several very successful Open Evenings for parents. These sessions were a great opportunity for students to show their parents how they learn in a variety of subjects. Please pop these dates ion your diaries.

Grade 1 & 2 Open Evening

Wednesday April 27th 6.15 – 7.30

Grade 3-6  Open Evening

Tuesday May 3rd 6.15 – 7.30         

No Assembly and ANZAC Day ceremonies

There will not be a school assembly this week or next week. Instead, next Friday we will have our ANZAC ceremony.

On Friday the 22nd of February we will be holding an ANZAC ceremony for our school community starting at 10am out the front of the school.

This is a special occasion where we can help educate our students on the importance of ANZAC day. We invite parents/carers to attend.

Monday 25th April will be a Public Holiday.

School Uniforms

Our children looked wonderful this week wearing their uniforms with such pride.

Please make sure your child has a navy blue jumper to wear as this is an important part of our school uniform.


Last week, our Boys and Girls cricket teams competed in the Sunraysia Schools cricket finals.
On the 16th of March the boy's cricket team went down to Aerodrome Ovals to play cricket against other schools in the Sunraysia Division. We played 3 games.
We played Nichols Point Primary first, then we played Sacred Heart and finally we played The Lake School. We were the overall winners. The top run scorer for the day was Cameron Kiel with 57 runs and the top wicket taker was Sam Pratt with 5 wickets for the day.
Thank you Mr Lynch for coaching and for Mr Jeffers and Sharnie Kiel for transport.
By Cam, Kynan, Sam and Jonty
On Thursday 17th, the 5/6 girls cricket team went to Nichols Point to play cricket against Nichols Point Primary and St Paul's Primary.
Our first game we versed St. Paul's and we won. Our second game we versed Nichols Point, we won that game as well. Unfortunately we are not going to a next level this year, but we are the District Champions!
We would all like to thank Mr. Cavallo, Miss Leake and Mr. Kerridge for taking us down.
Well done to the boys as well. GO WEST!!!
By Vanessa and Chloe

11th April - Student Free Day

Monday 11th April is a pupil free day at Mildura West. Students are not required at school this day. If you need child care - our Out Of School Care Program will be running on that day. 

Multisport Court is Open

On Friday we started the day with a special official opening of the court. A ribbon was cut and the students, teachers and principal got down and rolled on the luscious new court. We hope the students get many years of joy out of it as well as our Mildura West community. We have also had synthetic cricket wickets installed on the oval, replacing the old concrete pitches.

Computational and Algorithmic Thinking

A CAT of a different kind was held on Tuesday with our Grade Five and Six Maths Extension students competing in an online Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition. Given the growing curriculum emphasis on algorithmic thinking, this special competition provided a unique opportunity to expose students to this exciting new discipline. The competition was run by the Australian Maths Trust and students had to answer a series of questions designed to test their processing, reasoning and logical thinking skills. The students applied themselves very well, working hard on the hour long test. These results will be available next term and we look forward to celebrating the effort with students.