Thanks so much to all those parents/carers who daily make a huge effort to ensure their children are in our school uniform. Our uniform is an important part of our school and we wear it with pride. If you need support to purchase a school uniform, please contact the school office for information. Please ensure you have popped your child’s name on all items. We have lots of lost clothing in the Lost Property Box, come for a search if your child has lost his/her sweater.


The 2018 Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training.

Up to 90 of our parents have been randomly selected to participate (this is a computer generated process). If you have been selected, you will have received an email, as well as a letter home, with details on how to respond.  

Please take the time to complete the survey at the link below:


The survey can be completed on any device connected to the internet.  It only takes 10-15 mins to complete and can be accessed at any time. 

Please complete this before the 24th August 2018. The online survey will be available in a range of languages other than English. These include Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (hakha), Hindi, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Somali and Punjabi. The survey results will be reported back to the school at the end of September. PLEASE find the time to complete the survey, we really value your opinion. Please contact Anne Robinson if you have any questions or concerns about this survey.

PLEASE take the time to complete this survey - it is completely confidential

If you need access to a computer to complete the survey, please call into the front office and we are happy to assist you get set up on ours.


Lately we have had some children coming to school too early. Our classrooms are opened at 8.30. Teachers arrive at school much earlier, but they are preparing for the day. This is really a safety issue too as we do not have teachers on duty early in the morning. Parent/carers who do have to send their children to school early in the morning will need to book them into OSHC.


Curriculum Day - Student Free

Curriculum Day - 10th August

Students are not required to attend school on Friday 10th August. The teachers are having a day of IB Professional Learning.

Our OSCH program will run for the full day, you will need to book in early as there a limited spots available. Please contact our “Out of School Hour’s Care Program” on 50211809 to secure a spot for your child. 

2019 Prep Information Session & School Tour

2019 Prep Information Session & School Tour

On Wednesday, August 1st, we will be conducting another Prep Information session for new families who missed the other sessions last term. This information session and school tour, is for parent/carers who are interested in enrolling their child in Preps next year and have not attended any information sessions previously.

When: Wednesday August 1st 2018

Time: 9.00 – 10.30am

Venue: Library

Who: Any parents/carers interested in sending their prep child to Mildura West Primary School in 2019

* There will be a Crèche available for preschool children

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating has a long-lasting and positive impact on your child’s growth, development, health and wellbeing, and you play an important role in ensuring your child eats well and stays active.

The foods that your child eats at school are a large part of their daily nutrient intake and influence their energy, concentration levels and ability to learn. They also help influence your child’s future eating habits and growth patterns.

 Healthy school lunch/snack ideas include:

•sandwiches or pita bread with cheese, lean meat or salad

•cheese slices, crackers with spread and fresh fruit

•washed and cut-up raw vegetables or fresh fruits

•frozen water or milk, particularly in hot weather.


Involve your children in healthy choices

Involving children in planning and preparing their own lunchboxes gives them the opportunity to learn about healthy eating, and also gives them a chance to make autonomous decisions about what they will be eating during the day.

Some tips to help get your kids involved include:

 •Talk to your children about what they would like to have in their lunchbox. Discuss healthier food and drink choices and decide what will be in the lunchbox together.

•Write a shopping list together. Take your children shopping with you and let them choose foods and drinks from the shopping list.

•Encourage your children to help prepare their lunchboxes. Older children may be able to prepare most of their lunch themselves, and younger children can help with making sandwiches or cutting up soft fruit. It is a good idea to prepare lunchboxes the evening before to allow children to participate.

Highly processed, sugary, fatty and salty foods should only make up a very small part of your child’s 


NOTE: We ask that parents do not bring “Fast Food” to school for their child’s lunch

Mildura West presents at the Principal Conference – Melbourne.

This week, Luke Jeffers, Amber Lucey, Joe Cavallo and I presented at the Principal Conference in Melbourne. The conference is an annual event, which is an opportunity where all Principals & their leadership team come together to learn. There were many guest speakers from all over Australia and overseas. Several schools throughout our Region also presented at the conference. This year, our team were invited to present a workshop on our school’s improvement journey. We were very proud to share our school’s Story. There were some fantastic workshops and welearnt lots! We thank Darrel Branson & Libby O’Connor for leading the school while we were away for the 2 days.

Ipad Program

ATTENTION - VERY important news regarding the school  G3-6 IPad program

We are very lucky to have a terrific iPad program at West. However, there are some real issues at present that need urgent attention. If our program is to be successful, all parents and students are requested to fulfil the obligations they agreed to. Some students are missing out on important learning because their iPad is not at school.

Please support your child’s learning:

  • Student iPads need to be bought to school EVERYDAY
  • Student iPads should be fully CHARGED
  • Student iPads should have sufficient SPACE available for learning
  • Student iPads should not have INAPPROPRIATE  APPS on them
  • All iPads should have a PROTECTIVE COVER
  • The primary use of the device is for STUDENT LEARNING

If you need help managing the iPad with your child we can help with a range of options. Please contact Darrel Branson (ICT Coordinator) for assistance.

Three Way Conference

It’s time for us to come together to talk about your child’s learning - Three Way Conferences

Students, parents/carers and teachers, come together for a Three Way Conference.

Our Three Way Conference process is an important part of your child’s education. It’s really just a conversation between the child, parent/carer and teacher. We think it is important for students to be at the conference because:


  • Children’s education is enhanced when students, parents and teachers work together in a partnership.
  • It’s an opportunity to celebrate the student’s achievements.
  • With the support of the teacher, the student shares his/her learning and sets goals, which is an essential component of life-long learning.
  • The process encourages self-responsibility for the learning.
  • Parents/carers, teachers and students have an open and supportive discussion.

At the conference:

  1. Parent/Carer, student and teacher will look at samples of student learning.
  1. Student and teacher will talk about the learning, sharing progress and future goals.
  1. Parents/carers comment and ask questions.


  1. If you have any questions about this process please do not hesitate to chat to your child’s teacher.
  1. Please read the attached flyer for more information about the process.
  1. To book a time online please see instructions enclosed or phone the office for assistance 

Regional Cross Country

A big congratulations to Summer Roberts (50th), Ali Ehsani (11th) and Kayla Higgins (19th) who represented Mildura West at the Regional Cross Country Championships in St Arnaud on Tuesday. By finishing 11th Ali has now qualified for the State Cross Country Championships to be held in Melbourne. A huge thank you goes to Kiran McDonald for transporting students to the event. Well done!!