International Baccalaureate “Recapping our Journey”

Mildura West Primary School is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) and we are pursuing authorisation as an IB World School this year.

IB World Schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes.

There are over 4,200 IB World Schools in 109 countries. More than 75,000 teachers and more than one million students worldwide. A wonderful network for teaching our students.



  • • A curriculum framework for young learners aged 5-12
  • • Founded on a philosophy that recognises a child’s natural curiosity, creativity and ability to reflect
  • • The PYP generates a stimulating, challenging learning environment to nurture and promote a love of life-long learning
  • • It is transdisciplinary, meaning students learn across subject areas while investigating big ideas

School Council School Council elections 2019

Would you like to be a member of our School Council? Nominations are now open for 4 parent vacancies on our School Council.

If you are an enthusiastic parent interested in getting more involved and having a say in what our school is doing, or know someone who is, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for people who are committed to improving the educational outcomes for all our students. Effective councils have a broad range of experience, skills and expertise. Parents find their involvement satisfying and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.

Nominations close on the 12th February 2019 and forms are available from school reception.

School councils A Victorian government School Council is comprised of parents, the principal, staff and sometimes community members. The School Council assists in setting the educational policy of a school. Councils can have between 6 and 15 members. To be a part of the council you don’t need any particular qualifications or experience – schools look for enthusiastic parents who want to help improve the learning outcomes for all students. Elections to School Council positions are completed by the end of March each year. All parents or guardians of students enrolled at the school are eligible to vote for candidates wanting to participate on the school council. For more information please read the flyer included in this newsletter.

Badge Ceremony Assembly

Resilience Respect Excellence Pride Reminder Parents of Grade 1-6 Students (Prep students do not attend this assembly)

Student Leadership is very important to us. We support every child to have a voice and to develop their leadership skills.

Informally, there are many opportunities for all of our students to have a voice and to lead in a variety of ways. There are also some formal leadership positions that have been finalised this week.

There will be a special ceremony on Friday 22nd in the gymnasium.

We do hope you can come and be part of this special occasion. We would also like you to stay for a chat and light refreshments.


Homework helps students by complementing and reinforcing classroom learning, fostering good lifelong learning and study habits, and providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning Homework helps students by:

  • complementing and reinforcing classroom learning fostering good lifelong learning and study habits
  • providing an opportunity for students to become responsible for their own learning
  • developing self-regulation processes such as goal-setting, self-efficacy, self-reflection and time management
  • supporting partnerships with parents by connecting families with the learning of their children
  • fostering a sense of self-discipline and responsibility and prepare students for upper grades

Your child will be expected to complete a very small amount of Homework each weekday. Please read the Mildura West Homework Policy included. If you have any questions please see your classroom teacher.

International Baccalaureate









The International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile describes a broad range of human capabilities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.

They imply a commitment to help all members of the school community learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them.

Learner Profile: Risk-taker

At Mildura West Primary, we are committed to developing the ‘whole’ child. The attributes of a great learner help the staff and students to do this.

At home, you might like to ask your child/ren about what it means to be a Risk-taker. At the beginning of the school year, it is important that we keep encouraging the children to try new and exciting things with their learning. The new Prep students and other new students across the school have certainly been wonderful and displaying this Learner Profile attribute!

Ask your child/ren how they have been courageous with their learning. Do they try and solve problems in lots of different ways? At home you could encourage them to step out of their comfort zone.

International Baccalaureate

This week, we are focussing on the Learner Profile Attribute, Principled. The children are awesome when thinking about this attribute, both in the classroom and out in the yard.
We act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.
Some prompts that the students might use are:
I am principled if…
  • I try to do what is right.
  • I am fair.
  • I follow the rules accordingly.
  • I am honest with myself.
  • I am honest with people around me.
  • I pick up rubbish without being asked.
  • I show respect for my school, classroom and fellow students.


2018 Concert Performance









Been dying to see our amazing students performance again? Wait no longer - follow the link below to view or download.

School Times

Classrooms are open at 8.30am.

All students should be at school by 8.45am.

Lessons begin at 9.00am.
Recess 11.00 – 11.30am
Lunch 1.30 – 2.15pm
End of the day 3.15pm

Students who arrive late, or leave early, are required to have a parent/carer check them in/out at the school office

Parent / Carer, Student & Teaching Meeting

Why meet? Your child’s education will benefit when there’s a positive partnership between home and school.

Who attends?
  • Students in Grade 1-6 are encouraged to attend with parents.
  • All Prep parents to attend.
  • If there is something of a sensitive nature to be discussed, the student need not attend.
When:  Wednesday 20th February 2019
From: Various times across the day and evening. Log onto Compass to choose a time
Where: 8.15 – 8.45 meetings will be your child’s classroom. For all other timeslots, meetings will take place in the Gym.
Booking a time: Log onto Compass (see next page), or phone the office to make a time. If you have forgotten your Compass password, please contact the school office.
If these times do not suit, please contact your child’s teacher and make an alternative arrangement.
Outline for the Meeting:
1. Parent / Carer tells the teacher about their child.
2. Class teacher will discuss some Student Goals which were set at the end of 2018. (These were documented on your child’s End of Year report.) 
Creche:  We will provide a crèche for siblings in the Wellbeing Room (next to the Gym) to support this process.  Please leave siblings in the crèche, so that the meeting is more productive. This is important as we will have many people in the Gym, all talking!

New Student Leaders - 2019

New Student Leaders - 2019

Many of our Grade 5 students have nominated for a leadership position for 2019. They are presenting their speech on Friday 14th December at 9.30am in the Gym.

Students have written a one-minute speech in response to “I would like to be a 2019 School leader because….”

The students in years 3, 4 and 5 and the staff, will be voting by a secret ballet.

It can be very daunting to make a formal speech to a large audience and we are very proud of every student to taking a risk and being so brave.

I wish them all the very best.