School Times

Classrooms are open at 8.30am.

All students should be at school by 8.45am.

Lessons begin at 9.00am.
Recess 11.00 – 11.30am
Lunch 1.30 – 2.15pm
End of the day 3.15pm

Students who arrive late, or leave early, are required to have a parent/carer check them in/out at the school office

Parent / Carer, Student & Teaching Meeting

Why meet? Your child’s education will benefit when there’s a positive partnership between home and school.

Who attends?
  • Students in Grade 1-6 are encouraged to attend with parents.
  • All Prep parents to attend.
  • If there is something of a sensitive nature to be discussed, the student need not attend.
When:  Wednesday 20th February 2019
From: Various times across the day and evening. Log onto Compass to choose a time
Where: 8.15 – 8.45 meetings will be your child’s classroom. For all other timeslots, meetings will take place in the Gym.
Booking a time: Log onto Compass (see next page), or phone the office to make a time. If you have forgotten your Compass password, please contact the school office.
If these times do not suit, please contact your child’s teacher and make an alternative arrangement.
Outline for the Meeting:
1. Parent / Carer tells the teacher about their child.
2. Class teacher will discuss some Student Goals which were set at the end of 2018. (These were documented on your child’s End of Year report.) 
Creche:  We will provide a crèche for siblings in the Wellbeing Room (next to the Gym) to support this process.  Please leave siblings in the crèche, so that the meeting is more productive. This is important as we will have many people in the Gym, all talking!

New Student Leaders - 2019

New Student Leaders - 2019

Many of our Grade 5 students have nominated for a leadership position for 2019. They are presenting their speech on Friday 14th December at 9.30am in the Gym.

Students have written a one-minute speech in response to “I would like to be a 2019 School leader because….”

The students in years 3, 4 and 5 and the staff, will be voting by a secret ballet.

It can be very daunting to make a formal speech to a large audience and we are very proud of every student to taking a risk and being so brave.

I wish them all the very best.

OSHC Holiday program

Next year we will be using the current OSHC building as a full time classroom. Consequently, OSHC will be located over in the multipurpose room (next to the gym). Vacation care will commence in the new room at the start of January. Due to the shortage of space for OSHC we are going to take less numbers, we ask all the Mildura West parents/carers who wish to utilise the OSHC program, to make bookings now to ensure they gain a place in our program. If you would like your child in the vacation care program book now to avoid disappointment. Vacation Care will commence in the new room on Thursday 3rd January. Please contact 5021 1809 to make a booking.

IB information session for parents/carers

IB information session for parents/carers

This Friday we will be offering a parent/carer information session for our parents & carers. This is for all parents, not just our new 2019 prep parents

Find out what this means for your child.

  • What is an International Baccalaureate education?
  • What is the Primary Years Program?
  • What are the benefits for my child?
  • What is different?


An Information Session for parents/carers will be held in the Library on Friday morning.  A crèche will be available for young children.

When:  Friday, 7th December 2018

Where: Mildura West CLC (Library)

Time:   9.45am – 10.45am

Grade 6 Student Leader Fundraiser

A team of our Grade 6 leaders, led by Mimi Curran, decided they would like to raise money for children less fortunate. All money raised will go to ORPHFUND –African Orphans. Mimi has already made her own donation, to this worthwhile cause. Mimi donated $80.00 of her own birthday money. The children will be organising a sleepover at school to raise money. They will eat very little and sleep on the floor so they are experiencing the same poor conditions af some of the children in Africa.

If you would like to contribute some money to this cause, you can make a donation at the office.

If you have any questions about this fundraising activity, please contact Anne Robinson.

If you would like any more information about this cause, please visit the website below:


Q. What night is my child performing?

A. Your child is performing on BOTH Tuesday & Wednesday nights at the same time each night

Q. What performance is my child in?

A. First Half (Scarlett Santana) Classes performing in this order: 5K, Prep S, Prep L, Prep B, 6C, 3C, 4P, 2D, 6C and then the finale (drop off at the back of the Art Centre at 6.30pm and pick up at the back of the Art Centre at 8pm) It is Essential that parents/carers sign children IN and OUT from your child’s classroom teacher.

Second Half (Bookworm) Classes performing in this order: 3A, 1/2H, Prep P, 1C, 2L, 6M, 5C, 4B, 1S, 6M, 5C and then Bows from all (drop off at the back of the Art Centre at 7.30pm and pick up at the back of the Art Centre at 9.15pm) Essential that parents/carers sign children IN and OUT from your child’s classroom teacher.

Q. What if I’m watching the whole performance – where does my child go?

 A.You are able to drop your child off at the back of the Art Centre at 6.30pm. They’ll be checked off and taken to the ballet studio upstairs to watch the concert on monitors until it’s time for their own performance. Students will be supervised AT ALL TIMES. After the concert, please make your way to your child’s class ‘carpark’ where they will be waiting for you to sign them out.

Q. Where is the Art Exhibition?

A. The Art Exhibition is in the foyer of the Mildura Arts Centre.

Q. When can I view the Art Exhibition?

A.The Art Exhibition is open to the public Tuesday and Wednesday; you can pop in during opening hours or come along earlier to the concert performances and have a browse.

Q. Does every child have a piece in the Art Show?

A.  Unfortunately due to space there is a limited amount of items to be displayed. The Exhibition is a showcase of selected pieces. All students were involved in selecting the pieces for the Art Show

2018 Mildura West Art Exhibition

We are very excited to announce that, for the first time, our school Visual Arts Exhibition will be open to the public during opening times at the Mildura Arts Centre. It will coincide with our Concert Performances next Tuesday and Wednesday, showcasing selected student artwork in the foyer of the theatre. Be sure to arrive early to have a wander through and let family and friends know they can catch this great visual display. Thanks to all involved in making this exhibition a wonderful CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS at West.

Concert 2018

TICKETS for our spectacular concert are on sale now at MILDURA ART CENTRE and the VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE. 

Volleyball Regional Championships

Last Thursday, nine Grade Six boys travelled to Swan Hill with Miss Mayne and Mr Cav, to compete in the Loddon Mallee Region Championships. The boys played one game against Kennington Primary School and were victorious! In the first set the nerves were evident and the boys went down. After a pep talk and some reassuring words, the boys calmed down and showed great composure and skill, winning the second set convincingly. It all came down to the third and final set. Win and we would progress to the State Championships, lose and this was the end of our volleyball campaign. Again, the boys won this set comfortably and have now qualified for the State Championships in Melbourne later this month. The hard work and dedication shown by all of these boys is commendable. Good luck in Melbourne!