Canteen Whacky Wednesday

Canteen Specials Each Wednesday the canteen will have a special item on the Menu. Keep your eyes on the newsletter each week for the special. Whacky Wednesday Deal WK 6 (29/05/19): Chicken Pasta Bake (Creamy tomato sauce, chicken and vegetables) – Vegetarian option available Perfect for the cold weather predicted next week!! Please have all orders into the canteen by 9.00am 

CATs on Compass

YOUR CHILD’S REPORT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR CHILD IS LEARNING IN Physical Ed, Science, Art and Digital Technologies??? Across the year our Specialist teachers will be putting up CATs, with the first going up next week!!! This gives you an indication of your child’s work in specialist subjects. So log on, have a look and chat to your child about their work. The CATs for each year level: Prep- Science CAT- Materials and Structures. Yr 1/2- Art – Print Making Yr 3/4- Digital Technologies- Programming Yr 5/6- PE- Soccer To log on, enter your parent code (The first three letters of your last name and a four digit code- ie. ABC0011) You can log in at or via the mobile apps available in the Android and iTunes stores – search for Compass School Manager. Compass Support If you need help please call! A password reset is easy! If you would like further assistance please make a time to meet with Darrel Branson or Luke Jeffers. We will also have a Compass Support desk at each Friday assembly from now,

Pop June 26th into your dairies – Three Way Conferences.

Pop June 26th into your dairies – Three Way Conferences. Please note that on Wednesday June 26th students will only come to school for their Three Way Conference. As most of you know, this meeting is for the Parent/carer, student and teacher and takes approximately 20 minutes. Apart from this 20 minutes, the children are not required at school. I will include the details for these really important meetings in the June newsletter so you can select a time on Compass. At this stage I just wanted to flag it for those working parents who will need to make arrangements for child care. OSHC will be open but numbers limited, so please contact OSHC to book your child/children in if needed.

Education Week

Education Week has been wonderful! Such a celebration of learning. It’s been terrific to see so many parents, grandparents and families, wondering around the classrooms, chatting to children and teachers. Thank you so much to everyone who have been able to pop into school. If you were unable to do so this week and you would still like to come into the classroom, please see your child’s teacher to make a time. We know that education is a partnership and children do experience more success at school, when their parents/carers are actively involved in the process.

Gr 6 Leadership Camp to Mungo

On Tuesday the 7th May, Ryleigh, Zoe, Zarneesha, Sophie, Beau, Noah, Prince and Isaiah went to Mungo National Park as part of a leadership group, to learn the history of our indigenous culture. The 4 days involved lots of team building activities, battling wild weather conditions and  proved to be an adventurous 4 days. Our favourite experiences were finding bones, making spears, walking around the Walls of China, playing in the sand dunes and stargazing. We were lucky enough to come away from this amazing experience with a greater knowledge and appreciation of our first people. We will be presenting our learning at assembly next Friday.   

By Ryleigh & Zoe (Gr 6 leaders)

Grade 6 - Unit of Inquiry - The Dig

The Dig - Grade 6 Unit of Inquiry

This term Grade 6 students have turned into mini archaeologists. Our Central Idea is ‘Investigating the past helps us understand the present and informs the future.’

We are really loving doing this U.O.I (Unit of Inquiry) because it’s something we look forward to each week and other schools don’t get to do it.

There are 3 archaeological roles: Recorder - who draws where we find the artefacts and describes what they are. Siever - who takes the bucket of dirt to the sieve and tips it in to find anything that has been missed by the excavator. Finally, the Excavator - who does the digging and finds the artefacts, brushes away the dirt and tells the recorder the exact measurement to place it on the sheet. Some of the artefacts we have found are - bones, glass bottles, toys, accessories, and some old paints. We then research what we find and put it on a timeline. We can’t wait to see what else we find, and how old they are and who used them.

By Carly, Logan, Ruby and Kalym (Gr 6 students)

Take a look at the photo gallery for some amazing photos.


Whacky Wednesday Canteen Specials

Each Wednesday the canteen will have a special item on the Menu. Keep your eyes on the newsletter each week for the special.

Whacky Wednesday Deal WK 4 (15/03/19): Beef stir-fry on noodles (Homemade soy garlic sauce, capsicum, Onion, Broccoli, rice noodle) GF & Vegetarian options available

Please have all orders into the canteen by 9.00am

Grade 5 Unit of Enquiry excursion

Last week we went on an excursion around the Mildura CBD. We were on a quest to learn more about migration. We were wondering what impact migration has had on Mildura. We discovered that our lives have changed as a result of migration in Mildura. For example, we wouldn’t have pizza shops, Mexican food, massage and beauty shops or probably even toy and tech shops without migration to Australia. We get to cook with so many delicious ingredients because migrants have brought their new foods with them to Mildura. By Ruby , Georgie and Zariah.

‘People’s lives may change as a result of Migration’ U.O.I Paymana and Janeti were our guests and they talked about their migration to Australia.

“I thought their experience throughout their life was amazing. I loved all the countries they went to”. William Poulton

“It was great how the girls told us their story of migration to Australia.” Molly Hannigan

“I liked how interesting their stories were. How they arrived in Australia was very good.” Rainez Darragh

Paymana talked to us about her migration to Australia.

“I think that all the children got to know a little bit more about me and my migration to Australia.

I hope they understood that it was a difficult time for me when we migrated to Australia.

I didn’t know any English at all.” Paymana Poya