Back to School - tips and reminders

School Times

Classrooms are open at 8.30am

All students should be at school by 8.45am.

Lessons begin at 9.00am.

Recess  11.00 – 11.30am

Lunch    1.30 – 2.15pm

End of the day 3.15pm

Students who arrive late, or leave early, are required to have a parent/carer check them in/out at the school office.


Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. School helps children and young people to develop important skills, knowledge and values that set them up for further learning and participation in their community. School helps them to make the most of life opportunities.

You are legally required to ensure your child attends school every day.

If your child misses school you must give an explanation for their absence.

If your child’s absence is unexplained, you will receive a SMS text message at the end of the day, prompting you to provide a reason for the absence.

You are encouraged to avoid planning holidays or making routine medical appointments during school time and where possible, you should inform the school in advance of upcoming absences.


It is important to ensure your child is in school uniform each day. A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and  assists in developing pride in representing their school

Our Uniform consists of:

  • navy blue polo T-shirt with a pale blue logo and trim
  • navy blue shorts, pants or skirt
  • blue checked dress or a Navy skirt (for girls)
  • wide brimmed hat
  • enclosed shoes suitable for walking and play

Our uniform items can be purchased from Lowes in the Mildura Central Plaza in 15th Street. If you are having financial difficulty with this, please contact our Wellbeing officers. 


MWPS is a SunSmart School

It is compulsory for students to wear a broad brimmed hat, which provides protection to the face, neck and ears. Students wear hats for all outdoor activities and play in Summer, Autumn and Spring.


International Baccalaureate

We are a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years and we are pursuing authorization as an IB World School.

 IB World Schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes.

 The IB organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

Teachers will be taking part in 3 days of professional learning with IB consultants on March 4,5,6th. (March 5th & 6th are pupil free days.)


Should a student require medication at school, the parent/carer must provide written consent to the office staff.

  • No medication is to be administered without parent/carer consent. (Medication Approval Form)
  • All medications should be supplied by the parent/carer in their original packaging.
  • All medication should be clearly labelled with the student’s name, dosage and frequency. 

If you have any medical concerns for your child please advise school office and your child’s classroom teacher.


Our canteen provides a wide range of healthy foods, including fresh sandwiches, fruit, hot food, drinks and snacks.

  • Lunches and snacks can be ordered from the canteen before school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • A full menu is available from the office, canteen or on our website.
  • Keep an eye out for weekly specials in the newsletter.

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Our Out of School Hours Care program provides Before School, After School and Vacation Care.  The program includes a wide range of activities including art and craft, construction, sport, outdoor games, and electronic games.  They also ensure children have nutritious food. For enquiries about pricing and enrolments, please contact Jody Butterworth on 5021 1809.

Meet the Parents/Carers day/evening

On Feb 21st we will be having short Parent/Teacher meetings. The meeting is for you to tell the teacher about your child, because your know your child best. Your child’s education will be enhanced when there is a positive partnership between you and your child’s teachers, so please come along.

More details regarding this process will be sent home Monday.

New Students

This year we start with 14 new students. We welcome these children and their families to our school.

Ayla Romanin, Josh Holland, Marie Standish, Faith Preston-Gillespie, Matin Ataee, Mohpreet Singh,

Piper Tarson, Natayah Preston, Lotus Akkary, Savannah Preston- Gillespie, Joni-Lee Kirk, Tanin Ataee

Absent: Venkat Narayanan, Mustafa Manzar

Preps first Weeks of School – Some Tips

Preps first Weeks of School – Some Tips

How your child reacts to starting school will depend on their personality, their background and how prepared they are for this next big step in their lives. By now they'll probably be responding to school in a variety of ways and most children will be experiencing some change – after all they’ll be learning, playing and interacting with new people and getting used to a whole new environment – and it will take them some time to settle in.

Some things you can do to help your child adjust to school include:

 making sure your child knows who will take them to school and pick them up during the first couple of weeks.

 getting your child to school on time helps avoid anxiety.

 keep up the things you did with your child before they started school, like bedtime reading.

 laying out your child’s clothes, hat, shows and socks the night before.

 helping your child to pack their school bag with a snack, drink, lunch and a hat.

 placing a spare pair of underpants and a change of clothes in a plastic bag and letting your child know these clothes are in their bag in case of any accidents at school.

 putting sunscreen on your child in the morning if it is needed.  showing your child where you will meet them at the end of the school day.  ensuring they have a healthy breakfast – this is important for energy to get through the day.

 making time to chat to your child about what they did at school that day.

 developing a bedtime routine so your child can wind down at the end of the day and get a good night's sleep – children aged five need around 10 to 11 hours sleep a night.

 try not to put too many expectations on yourself or your child; if they are happy and enjoying school, that’s a real achievement.

You know your child best. If you have any questions about how they are settling in at school, contact your child’s teacher so you can talk things through together. You can contact your child's teacher in person, over the telephone or via email, whichever suits you and your situation best.