Mini Olympics

Mini Olympics

On Tuesday 5th of September a group of students in grades three to six competed in the Sunraysia District Mini-Olympics. West students got some ribbons in long jump, 800 metres, 1500 metres, triple jump, shotput and discus. Unfortunately, we didn’t win any relays, but we tried hard. Everyone tried their hardest and everyone was proud of each other. We would like to thank Mr Hall and Mrs Saunders for taking us and supporting us throughout the day.

By Maddison Goldsworthy

Mildura West placegetters were as follows:

Leni Pohahau – 1st 11 yrs Discus

Ryleigh Macdonald – 1st 12 yrs Long Jump

Izzak Sandow – 2nd 11 yrs Triple Jump

Isabella McTeare – 2nd 10 yrs Shot Put

Deegan Cox – 2nd 10 Yrs Triple Jump

Kayla Higgins – 2nd 11 yrs 1500 metres

Max Morgan – 2nd 11 yrs Discus and 3rd 11yrs 800 metres

Corbin Copeman – 3rd 10 yrs Discus

Jordan Ward – 3rd 12yrs High Jump

Harry Beavis – 3rd 12 yrs Triple Jump

Jorja Massey, Charlize Byrne, Kayla Hayes and Isla French – 3rd 10 yrs girls relay

IB Corner

As an IB candidate school, Mildura West’s teachers and students focus on what it means to be a community of learners. The IB Learner Profile help us with this. Our students and staff use a common language to describe and identify behaviours of successful learners, we strive to be Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Takers, Balanced, and Reflective.

Open –Minded

I know we are different so I listen to and appreciate other people (cultures, personal history, values, traditions, points of view). I grow from new ideas and experiences .I listen to other people. I respect their ideas and thoughts.


I am open-minded if I….

…listen to other people and what they have to say

…try to understand those around me.

…know that people are different.

…am happy for others to voice their opinions, even if they’re different to my own.

Rubbish Free – Parent Tip

We are working hard to educate our students to take care of our environment and to limit waste. However, I do not want families to feel pressured or stressed about “Rubbish Free”. It’s not compulsory, it’s just encouraged. So please do not worry if you are unable to do “rubbish free” every day.

Building works

You may have noticed Cypress Ave looking a little more greener and the front of the school a little bare. This is because we have relocated the grass in preparation for our new building to commence. Soon there will be a temporary fence erected in the front/east side of the school. There will be two new classrooms built as stage 1 of the 1.8 million we received last year. Stage 2 includes the refurbishment of the Grade 5/6 rooms.

Independent member, Ali Cupper, takes Mildura West Primary School to Parliament.

Independent member, Ali Cupper, takes Mildura West Primary School to Parliament.

  • Please see transcript included

This week, Ali Cupper asked the Education Minister when Mildura West P.S. would receive the funding to carry out the Master Plan (which includes several new buildings) that was created in 2009. I’ve included the transcript of Question Time in Parliament this week, which shows Ali Cupper asking when Mildura West will receive more funds. You may like to read this transcript, or you can watch the session on Ali Cupper’s face book page.

Teacher’s Names

I’m sure your child has told you that many of our teachers, including myself, have asked students to refer to them by their first name, rather than their surname. Some teachers have decided to keep their surname. This is fine and is their personal choice.

Many teachers, in many schools, across the State, are referred to by their first name. While in Melbourne visiting schools last week, we observed students referring to their teachers by their first name, and it was certainly respectful. This change is something that we’ve been discussing for some time now.

Our children respect our teachers, just as we respect our children. We do not believe that RESPECT comes from calling us by our surnames.

The definition of respect is:

“a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements”.

Some children are finding it a little “funny” at the moment, but it will only take a little while before it becomes “normal” and part of the way things work at West.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns.

Walking Bus

On Friday 13th September we will have our third Walking Bus for the year. Everyone is welcome: walkers, bikes, trikes, scooters and even prams. The bus will leave from the car park at Mansell Reserve (Please note the change of route). We will travel along    Ontario Avenue, then turn into Ninth Street and make our way to school. Mr Hall will be accompanying the walking school bus. Any parents wanting to walk with us are most welcome.  

CATS- New reports going up

CATS- New reports going up 
Below are the next lot of CATS going live. Log on, chat to your child about their learning and don’t be afraid to leave a comment. You can leave a message of support for your child, ask the teacher a question or give us your feedback. 
Prep - Writing – Description (Online Friday)
Gr 1/2 - Writing- Narrative (Online – Monday Week 9)
Gr 3/4 - Reading (Online – Monday Week 9)
Gr 5/6 - Writing (Online- Friday) 
Compass Support If you need help please call! A password reset is easy! If you would like further assistance please make a time to meet with Darrel Branson or Luke Jeffers. We will also have a Compass Support desk at each Friday assembly from now, so pop on over and say hi to Janine. We are here to help! 

iPad Lease Payments

Second instalment for iPad Lease Payments NOW DUE 
Reminder for all Grades 3 to 5 students, the second payment in 2019 for leased iPads is now due! Can parents/carers please make payment at the front office ASAP. 

NAPLAN Student Reports Years 3 & 5

Individual student reports on the NAPLAN tests are available for collection from  your child’s classroom teacher today. Please pop in to the classroom to collect.  These reports give you information on how your child went on the tests of Reading, Narrative Writing, Language Conventions, Spelling and Numeracy. These reports give you a snapshot of how your child performed on the day and their level of achievement against national averages. Please speak to your classroom teacher if you have any further questions or would like to discuss their result.