Latest News Updates

Grade 6 Project Based Learning (PBL)

The grade 6 children have turned into “Junior Archaeologists” as part of their PBL.

We have been really fortunate to have one of our prep parents, Emma Oliver (archaeologist) lead us in this exiting learning experience. Emma has spent many days getting The Dig ready, thankyou Emma

Students and teachers spent several hours on The Dig yesterday, finding artefacts and researching where the items came from. They will investigate the past, to help understand the present and the future.

Children will be in teams of 3 and spend many hours on The Dig, locating artefacts and then researching each item to understand Australian history. For more great pictures check out the photo gallery.

National Ride2School Day

National Ride2school Day is to encourage our students and families to be involved in any active travel such as walking, riding and skateboarding. Next week we will have our first Walking Bus for Term 1 to coincide with National Ride2School Day.  We have the Walking Bus once a month with the police and Neighbourhood Watch supervising it. Everyone is welcome: walkers, bikes, trikes, scooters and even prams. The ‘bus’ will leave the corner of Washington Drive and Riverside Avenue at 8:30am. You can ‘board’ the bus on the way!!

Grade 5 Lake Cullulleraine Camp Reminder

The Grade 5 Camp to Lake Cullulleraine is fast approaching. Please make sure you have paid the camp in full by this Monday 19th March 2018. Unfortunately, if the camp is not paid in full your child will not be able to attend the camp.