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Book Launch

I want to thank the parents/carers, families and friends who came to share in the celebration. It was terrific.

Our grade 6 leaders also organised a wonderful parade and everyone danced away! After our colourful fancy dress parade, the Grade 6 children also ran games for the remainder of the school.

It was lots of fun!!

Hats are back

Tuesday, 1st September is the begining of Spriing. All students will be required to wear hats during play and outdoor activities. Mildura West Logo hats are available from Lowes, Central Plaza.

MWPS Book Launch & Dress-Up Day

Last Week our SRC met to discuss the next SRC activity. After a very lively discussion they decided that they would like children to dress up as a book character.

The dress-up day is the same day as the MWPS annual Book Launch. This is when student shared the book they have written and published. An amazing achievement, I hope you can come!

- Anne Robinson, Principal

When:                   Friday, 9th September

What is it?            Students share the book they have written and published.

What to wear?      Students can dress up as a book character.

Assessment & Reporting

The next round of Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) will be going live from Friday afternoon. Log in over the next week to see your child’s latest work and teacher assessments. We have had great feedback about the process and cannot reiterate the importance of engaging with what your child is learning at school. So please log in at

Compass CAT HELP!!!        

Need help? We’re here for you!

Need a password reset – no worries!

If you haven’t logged in yet or have any questions, please contact the school.

Grade 3 & 4 Games- Con

This term in grade 3 and 4 students have been involved in all aspects of the design process by investigating, designing, creating, testing and evaluating their own digital games. Students have been working with their classroom teachers and Mr Branson to feedback, test and improve their unique games on Pyonkee and Scratch using iPads and netbooks.

On Wednesday the 26th August students are inviting 3/4 parents to come and see the result of this learning with our very own Mildura West Game-Con! 

It will be held across the 3/4 Classrooms from 2:15pm, starting in 3C/3H.  

We hope that parents and carers can make it to celebrate student work and enjoy these amazing games that students have created using digital technology.