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Journal Launch

Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students

Tomorrow in the gym at 9am.

Please come along and share your child's amazing journals - they are so proud of them!

Afterwards you are invited to stay for a little morning tea.

We hope to see you there....


Do you have any of our little books at your house?

They could be hiding under the couch, behind a door, in a box???

They’re little and can hide anywhere.

Over 4 years we’ve spent over $50,000.

The books are vital in your children learning to read.



Forensic Science and Junior Neighbourhood Watch

Last week Joe Clarke, Policeman and Helen Worcester, Neighbourhood Watch, came to the Assembly and announced our MWPS overall winner for our school. Congratulations to Charlie Bambrick- Cameron who is our Junior Neighbourhood Watch Student of the Year. It is an honour that our school also received the prestigious Marilyn Maher Award for being the most progressive Neighbourhood Watch area in the State. Involving our Year 5 and 6 students in this program has meant they have the skills to be more aware of their surroundings, have the ability to observe, describe, make decisions and explain.

Thank you Joe and Helen! 

C.A.T. Assessment Online

Student Assessment & Reporting Your child’s next CAT (Common Assessment Task) will be available online for viewing on Friday after school. By logging into Compass you can see your child’s latest work and teacher assessments. There have been four since half year reports. So jump on and have a look! There will also be a special Compass help session after assembly this Friday. So if you need help, just stay on after assembly and we’ll get you on Compass. You can always log on at any time here: Compass CAT HELP!!! Need help? We’re here for you! Need a password reset – no worries! If you haven’t logged in yet, or have any questions, please contact the school on 5023 1336. Or visit our Helpdesk at the school on Monday and Tuesday between 8:30 and 9:30am. 

Working Bee - November 29

A big thank you for a big job well done!!! On Sunday morning a group of parents and a few kids helped out to create a definitive car parking area. We painted and installed parking posts to make it easier for parents to drop off and collect the children. We also planted trees to beautify and give some shelter to the area. We will be installing entry, exit and no-smoking signs and in future will look to extend the car park with a row of spaces along the back fence. Thanks to Corey Iredale, Chris and Sarah Edlington, Rob Morgan, Brian McKerrow, Shane O’Callaghan, Lisa Garraway, Hayden Cook, Peter Jessup, Adrian Webley, Reg Roberts, the kids who got on the end of a paint brush- Imogen and Max Morgan, Toby and Rohan Edlington and Ashlyn and Erin Garraway who helped mum in the garden. Also thanks to Trevor Winton for all his work on the day and in preparing the area. Great job all; your efforts are very much appreciated by the school and parents/carers who will use the space.

On the other side of town, our School Council team hosted the Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings. It was a very successful day with the team raising over $1000 to go towards our school.
Thank you to all those who served and cooked throughout the day; Kate Pratt, Chrissy Attwell, Kylie & Adrian Webley, Kiran MacDonald, Elaine Brown, Corina O'Callaghan, Jacqui Iredale, Sophie Cook & Michelle Dannatt.
A special mention goes to the students who helped - Byren & Ruby Webley, Summer Roberts and Jorja Donohue. Great effort by all involved