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IB Corner

Prep P won a prize to work with Mr Branson. We used the exciting programmable Bee-bots for the first time. Mr Branson showed us how to program the little robots to move forward, backwards, left or right. Prep P students were using the Learner Profile, Thinker to solve problems.

“On Wednesday, we used Bee-bots. We had to think about which buttons to press to make them go. We had to do a lot of thinking to make sure the Bee Bot went to where your partner said. We both were really good with the Learner Profile, Thinker”. Ben and Daniel

“Wow! I was really happy when I solved my partner’s problem and made my Bee-bot move to a flower. I was a Thinker because I could solve the problem. It is important to think different things all the time because if you keep asking questions you end up knowing lots and lots of things”. Seth

“I liked the Bee-bots when I played with them, they were a lot of fun. We had to try and make the Bee-bot move to the flower and then Mr Branson asked me to get the Bee-bot to the number 2. I was successful because when I was thinking I decided to count and put my finger on the square and then I pressed the button correctly and solved the problem. I was a fantastic Thinker. I got to the flower a lot of times”. Chloe

Archaeology Dig Expo

On Monday, the year 6s presented their completed P.B.L to the community. It consisted of an archaeological journal, a booklet and an oral presentation of what we learnt about Australia’s history. We started the day by bringing tables into the gym and setting them up with our artefacts. We practiced the presentation with the group in front of us so we were prepared for when we started the expo. It was great to see so many people from the community come and celebrate our learning. The best part was sharing what artefacts we discovered and explaining what they were, and also sharing what we learnt about Australia’s history. A special thanks to Emma Oliver, Dan Rosendahl and the teachers for making it possible.

From William Garland and Marcus Butcher.

Take a look at the gallery for photos from the beginning to the expo.

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Enrolments Now Open

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Prep PBL

Last Friday, the Preps celebrated their PBL ‘Ways we express ourselves through The Arts.’ They enjoyed dancing and singing at the Assembly. The song, ‘I can sing a Rainbow,’ was also performed using sign language. This demonstrated the Learner Profile of ‘Communicator’ that we have been learning about. After the performance, parents and carers came back to the rooms to view a display of Art the students had been working on. It was great to see so many parents enjoying their children’s learning!

Preps Visit the Art Centre

As part of their PBL study ‘How to Express Yourself,’ the Preps attended the performance of George’s Marvellous Medicine,’ by Roald Dahl at the Arts Centre. The children were very excited about going on the bus and visiting the theatre. The performance was awesome and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. There was lots of sound and light effects and squeals of excitement.