Regional Athletics

Regional Athletics

On Monday Ali Ehsani, Xavier Kaufusi, Francies Naquto, Mohammad Ehsani and Murtadha Al-Rubaye represented Mildura West at the Regional Athletics Championships in Bendigo. All students demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship, and deserve to be very proud for reaching such a high level of competition.

Our results for the day were as follows:

Ali Ehsani – 2nd in triple jump and 4th in the 1500 metres.

Xavier Kaufusi – 2nd in discus and 2nd in shot put.

Mohammad Ehsani - 4th in the 200 metres.

Francies Naquto – 7th in discus.

Murtadha Al-Rubaye – 5th in hurdles.

By finishing 2nd, Xavier and Ali have now qualified for the State Athletics Championships in Melbourne. Well done!