Melbourne School visit

Our visit to schools in Melbourne last Thursday & Friday, was absolutely fantastic. On Thursday morning, we broke into small groups and visited 5 different primary schools. That afternoon, an International Baccalaureate consultant spoke with us about many  aspects of IB. We spent Friday morning at Kingsville PS which was also a great experience. They’ve been an IB school now for about 10 years. We spoke with the Principal, the Assistant Principal, teachers and children. Our teachers were blown away by the independence of the students and their ability to explain their learning. It was also reassuring that many of our practices here at West are “spot on”.  Kingsville P.S. have been working closely with our school, supporting us on our IB journey. As you know, Mildura is a long way from anywhere and it’s important we keep connected to the rest of Victoria. Visitations like this broaden our minds and this impacts your child’s education.  Please do not hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions about this amazing experience.