IB Corner Reflective

IB Corner - Reflective

I think about what I have learned, what I am good at and what I can improve. Building the skills of a reflective learner is something the teachers at MWPS are working on each day. The children set goals, choose options that best suit them to complete work and consider strategies and ideas that assist them to show growth in their learning. To be a reflective learner allows for Student Agency and Voice, it allows each student the ability to know how to get better.

“I set a goal of reading for 30 minutes so I can become a better reader” - Oscar, Grade 5

“I take my time with writing, reread it and add more detail to make my writing interesting.” - Emme, Grade 2

“I am reflective in writing. I have been writing on a sticky note about how I am going in the piece of writing.” - Ruby, Grade 5

“I am a reflective learner during Maths by talking with a partner about what I can do better next time. I listen to the constructive feedback.” - Lana, Grade 3

“I try to not give up on my work and set goals so I can get better.” - Will, Grade 4