IB Corner

As an IB candidate school, Mildura West are on a journey of creating International Mindedness within our school community. We are developing this through our Unit of Inquiries and throughout the school day with picture storybooks, video clips and so on.

What is International Mindedness?

It is a view of the world in which people see themselves connected to the global community and assuming a sense of responsibility towards its members. It is developing an awareness of others, especially being open minded about the diverse cultures and beliefs of people.

Through the Learner Profile attributes, an internationally-minded student, can develop as a competent communicator, willing to share their opinions. Is open-minded and knowledgeable about the world and other cultures. Demonstrates being a caring and principled thinker, among other important things.

Here are some ideas from our students on how they can consider their world:

How the world works Unit of Inquiry –

We could change to using solar energy which is clean instead of using coal. If people don’t change what they do soon, our world will start to die. We are learning about this so we can change things now! Chris (5K) and Angus (5C)

Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry -

I know it is important to tell people if they drop rubbish to pick it up because the animals could eat it. Rubbish pollutes the air and the water which means we can’t swim or breathe. Logging is also bad because the animals need their homes. Tom 4B

Sharing the Planet Unit –

Earlier in the year we learnt about Sharing the Planet and being water wise. I know that we shouldn’t use too much water because we won’t have enough for our future. I now take shorter showers. Tayla 2D