IB Corner

There has been some wonderful learning across the year levels with the current Units of Inquiry. This week, I asked different children about what they have learnt in regards to the Transdisciplinary Theme.  

Sharing the Planet (Prep):

I have learnt that we need to share the planet with animals. People can take their homes and habitats away from them. People might infect areas where the animals live, maybe with chemicals. I learnt that we should protect animals from predators, like we could put wire over the native animal’s nest – the ones that lived in Australia first, to protect them. Mika -  PB

How the World Works (Grade 1/2):

I think we need to look at how the world works with light and sound so we understand how people can experience them. I learnt that light can be manmade, for example a light globe. Or it can be natural, it might be a lightning strike and that can cause a fire. We learnt how to change light and sound. Also, that we can experience them through art (making shadow puppets) or music. Kayden -  1/2C

Sharing the Planet (Grade 3/4):

We need to consider this so we can keep our planet healthy and clean. We also have to understand things like we shouldn’t chop down trees because it could be an animal’s home. People need to learn what to do to look after our planet. Olivia -  3/4A

Sharing the Planet (Grade 3/4):

I’ve learnt that it’s not just our planet, we have to share it with other species. It is not just for humans to take over. I’ve learnt a lot about animals, about their habitats. I think the big idea though that we need to remember is, that there are always humans but you can’t just think about yourself, you must consider the environment. By building new things like factories, we are not just destroying the beauty of our world but it can put pollution in the sky, which can also be toxic to animals. Will – 4B

How the World Works (Grade 5/6):

We are learning about how the world works so we can plan ahead for the future, our future. We learnt about different types of energy and their sources. For example, renewable energy and non-renewable energy. We need to think about the pros and cons of them so we understand which options are good for the world. We need to look after the world for future generations. Austin and Logan - 6M