IB Corner

Prep P won a prize to work with Mr Branson. We used the exciting programmable Bee-bots for the first time. Mr Branson showed us how to program the little robots to move forward, backwards, left or right. Prep P students were using the Learner Profile, Thinker to solve problems.

“On Wednesday, we used Bee-bots. We had to think about which buttons to press to make them go. We had to do a lot of thinking to make sure the Bee Bot went to where your partner said. We both were really good with the Learner Profile, Thinker”. Ben and Daniel

“Wow! I was really happy when I solved my partner’s problem and made my Bee-bot move to a flower. I was a Thinker because I could solve the problem. It is important to think different things all the time because if you keep asking questions you end up knowing lots and lots of things”. Seth

“I liked the Bee-bots when I played with them, they were a lot of fun. We had to try and make the Bee-bot move to the flower and then Mr Branson asked me to get the Bee-bot to the number 2. I was successful because when I was thinking I decided to count and put my finger on the square and then I pressed the button correctly and solved the problem. I was a fantastic Thinker. I got to the flower a lot of times”. Chloe