Grade 6 Graduation

On Thursday the 8th of December our Year 6 students had their graduation at the Mercy theatre. They each presented a speech and did a fantastic job. Afterward we had a wonderful beach themed party and had lots of fun. Each student should be very proud of their efforts.

These are the award winners for Excellence for 2016.


DUX –         Akeisha Umuroa-Watkins

Reading –   Josie Brigante

Writing –    Phoenix Hargrave

Maths –       Sam Pratt

Science –    Toby Edlington

Primary School Achievement-  Chloe Tonkin

Sustainability –    Georgia Baldock

Student Voice –  Aimee Geyer

Art – Dekira Whitchurch-Jensen

PE –   Morna Naquto

School Sport Victoria Award - Cameron Kiel