Grade 3 Camp – Swan Hill

On the 8th and 9th of August our Grade 3 students went on camp to Swan Hill. We visited the Pioneer Settlement and did lots of fun activities. We had a ride on the Pyap Paddle steamer on the Thursday and experienced different activities around the Pioneer Settlement. That night, in the rain, we attended the Laser Light Spectacular Show. It was AMAZING! We all woke up early on the Friday and continued to learn what life was like many years ago. Students enjoyed the horse and carriage ride and a ride in the olden day car. They also loved making a nail at the Blacksmith.

“The best thing about the Swan Hill Camp was visiting the old school because it had chalkboards and it had lots of writing on it from the olden days”. By Van 3/4A

“I enjoyed going in the horse cart and looking at the different things at the Pioneer Settlement”. By Ivy 3H

“First of all, I loved the Laser Light and Sound Show, especially when we looked at the portal that swirled around. I also loved the dinner, spaghetti bolognese and chips. I nearly finished the whole thing”. By Jate 3L