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New School Podcast!

Below is the first student episode of our school podcast.


What is a Podcast ?

A podcast is a like a radio show that you can download from the Internet on your phone or device and listen whenever you like.


Why listen?

There’ll be lots of information about what’s happening and great interviews from students and teachers.


How do you get it?

At the moment you can listen to it on at this address:


You can also find it on our school website:

Soon you will be able to subscribe and listen on iTunes and Spotify.



Whacky Wednesday Canteen Specials

Each Wednesday the canteen will have a special item on the Menu. Keep your eyes on the newsletter each week for the special.

Whacky Wednesday Deal (20/03/19): Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wrap $4.00

Please have all orders into the canteen by 9.00am

Another CAT Report is up!!! Jump Online to see your child’s report

There are more CAT (Common Assessment Task) reports up from your child’s teacher.

You can view teacher feedback and even leave a comment. We know that student’s outcomes improve when parent engagement is high. So log on, have a look and chat to your child about their work.

The CATs for each year level:

Prep- Currently one maths CAT up, Writing – Week 9

Yr 1/2- Maths- Place Value (Online- Friday)

Yr 3/4- Maths- Number & Place Value (Online- Friday)

Yr 5/6- Maths- Place Value (Online now)

To log on, enter your parent code (The first three letters of your last name and a four digit code- ie. ABC0011)

You can log in at  or via the mobile apps available in the Android and iTunes stores – search for Compass School Manager.

Compass Support

If you need help, please call! A password reset is easy! If you would like further assistance please make a time to meet with Darrel Branson or Luke Jeffers. We will also have a Compass Support desk at each Friday assembly from now, so pop on over and say hi to Janine. We are here to help!

Harmony Day

When: Friday 22nd March 11.30 – 1.30

Why: It’s Diversity Week. We want to celebrate the diversity at Mildura West, the School Community and our nation. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for Everyone

Please Wear: Something Orange- Socks/T-shirt/Ribbons/shorts/ arm bands/hats

Please Bring: It would be wonderful if all Students could bring an item to talk about that represents there culture; Money /Stamps/photo/music/flag- Just “something” that relates to their culture. These items will be discussed in class

Yr 6 Leadership day

Last Friday, the Grade 6 student leaders went to Psyche Pumps. We learnt how to become a better leader at Mildura West. We did a lot of team building and leadership activities to build up our confidence. Thank you so much Mr Cav. and Sam for taking us. We had a great time. - Ruby, Ashlee and Sophie

We learnt that we need to have trust in each other as a team and help to encourage one another. We also learnt to work as a team. We worked with people we don’t usually work with and it’s important being able to work with everyone. - Ryleigh, Solopani and Sara

We think the highlights of the day was going to Psyche Pumps and working together in teams and becoming better leaders. Another highlight was the ‘Follow the Leader’ activity, where you had to trust your partner to guide you around. Communication was so important. - Noah, Logan, Beau, Prince and Rohallah

Our highlights of the day were the Human Calculator. We had to step on numbers from 1-30, in order and in the fastest time. Another highlight was the Follow the Leader activity, where we had to trust each other. Someone was wearing pitch-black painted goggles and the one person had to guide the other. - Damian and Austin

The best part of the day at Psyche Pumps was being able to communicate and have everyone’s ideas included. Also, not having one person being a boss. It was great being able to have the opportunity to learn how to work well with other people and being a responsible leader and representative of our school. - Jordan, Skyla and Maddison G.

One of the best things we did was the black goggles because you needed to trust your teammate and your partner needs to give you instructions to go through the course. - Kayd, Izaak and Nate

The best part of the day was that everyone participated in the activities and worked well together. We learnt that teamwork is everything. We also learnt how to trust each other and how to communicate when needed. - Janeti, Gabe, Jacob and Jonah

Check out the photos in our photo gallery.