Our students have been learning about the Skeletal and Digestive Systems. 

They have asked their own questions and researched the answers. Students have also explored and learnt about how good pairs learn together. This has been another exciting learning experience for our Grade 1/2 students!

Driving Questions:

2. What makes me healthy?

3. How can I learn with a partner?

4. How can I solve a problem when I’m learning?

Now for the fun part!! Our CELEBRATION OF LEARNING!

WHO? Parents / Carers of Grade 1&2 Students.

WHAT? Students will present their new knowledge via a poster or through a program on the iPad.

WHERE? In the gym.

WHEN? Presentations will run from 9.30am—10.30am on Thursday, 15th June.

WHY? This is our PBL Celebration for Term 2!

We really hope you can come along and enjoy the presentations!!

Kind Regards,

Grade 1 & 2 Teachers