Cultivator Conference 2018

On Friday 19th October Mrs. Saunders took a small group of Year 6 students to the Mildura Arts Centre to be part of the Cultivator Conference 2018. They got to listen to Amy Churchouse (founder of The Good Karma Project) and Bec Storer (acclaimed ‘Creative’ and Director of The Cutaway). The presenters shared amazing stories about how they came to make the world a better place through their love of design, art and a strong belief in themselves.

Our personal favourite was Bec Storer because of her little funny quotes and how much she upgraded and improved to who she is today. Her story was very inspiring and she also made us laugh. The most important thing we learned from guest speaker, Bec Storer, was to always have a go, and be brave. Also aim to be around the people that believe in you. Like Bec said, “Just have a go life is too short Darl”. Amy Churchouse also wasn't afraid to meet new people by communicating and having a go. What we learnt was that we shouldn’t be scared to chase our dreams and make a difference because the people that talked on Friday showed that you just have to ‘try your best’.

We feel like the conference was better than we expected because Bec made us laugh and was really entertaining. We were always on our toes, wondering what else she was going to say. We also learned a lot about design and her as a person. When Bec started to share some of her own personal photos and information, the way she brought it into her current time was amazing. As  she was talking about her projects it made us really interested in how she did them. Her story of how she came to be interested in art work and things also made us wonder what we want to do when we are older. As she was talking about her young life (Little Bec ), we found it interesting and made lots of personal connections to her life growing up in Merbein.

Students said they would recommend this type of conference to people that need some inspiration to get motivated, have a go and be brave. Sometimes we just think people are going to judge or that we will never make it, but it can happen if you have a go. They also thought it would be great for young people with big dreams that want to take some advice for a professional journey. It would definitely help them out with their journey. Grade 5s next year might like this conference as well. We will take what Bec said and always try our best and the action we will take is to try design and photography at school because it looks super fun!

A combined reflection from Taz, Jack, Mimi, Evin, Paris and Gabby.