Concert Things to Remember

Dropping Off and Picking Up children (parking bays at the back of the Art Centre)

Each class will have its own ‘Parking Bay’ where the classroom teacher will be waiting to sign your child in. This is also where you will pick your child up at the end of their performance. Look out for the cone with your child’s class on it! 

Monday is Full Dress Rehearsal

The whole school will participate in a full dress rehearsal at the Mildura Arts Centre on Monday from 9.00am to 1.30pm. Children will need to bring a hat as we will be walking to the Art Centre, and they will need to bring their snack and a drink. We will have morning tea on the Art Centre lawns. 

Tickets –

Don’t Miss Out! We have sold a lot of tickets! Please purchase your tickets from the school office before the concert matinee / nights. We cannot guarantee availability of tickets at the door.