Concert Clarification

I’ve had some terrific questions regarding our “Mini Concert”’.I will try to answer them. Please do not hesitate to phone if you have any suggestions or concerns about this event.

Why are we having a little concert? Why not another big one?

Our concert at the Mildura Arts Centre is a huge performance, requiring months of preparation. The organisation of this concert is mammoth. We have several performances, it really is a BIG week! We hire a professional dance teacher and choreographer, Karen Wilcock. Hiring the Arts Centre for many days is also a huge investment. Our concert is one of the biggest in the district. Schools that have such extravaganzas, usually have the concert every second year. BUT we decided that we still wanted to have a little one on the alternate year.

Why the oval? Why not another venue?

Because we need a venue at school that is big enough for 400 students and about 300 family members. Of course the gymnasium is way, way too small. We won’t use another venue because this needs to be a little concert, held at school.

Why morning?

The evenings are too hot & our last concert had to be postponed. This year we do not have a spare evening to change it to, if the weather was inclement. I noticed that Nichols Point P.S. was postponed last night. Many employers might be ok with starting work a little later on this one morning of the year, for a Primary School Concert, especially with 8 weeks’ notice.

What happens after the concert? About 9.00am.

Once the concert is over, parents/carers head off and the children stay at school for a normal day.

Is it compulsory for the children to come?

No, it is not. Of course, it would be wonderful if your children could take part. BUT if they cannot, then that’s OK too. Remember, this is a “little” end of year celebration.

Why should we give it a try?

Because you never know, until you try!!!!! If it is not a success then we won’t do it again.

Remember – This little performance will only take 50 minutes