Welcome to the Children's Learning Centre.
Just a friendly reminder that children need a library bag to borrow from the CLC. This helps protect the books from food, drinks and being damaged in the school bag. If your child doesn't have a library bag, an old pillow case or an environementally friendly green shopping bag will do the trick. Children visit the CLC at least once a week for borrowing in class time, however, it is also open before and after school for borrowing as well as 4 days at lunchtime.
Reading Everyday.
Reading is a major part of your childs education, from Prep with their take home readers to year 6 Literature Circles, encouraging your child to read and listening to them every night, will promote a love of reading. Ask them what they are reading? What they like about the book? Who are the main characters? Is it funny, is it sad? With busy lives and schedules it is hard to do this, but even listening to them when you are preparing dinner, fixing the car, driving to the supermarket, you don't need to see what they are reading, just listen for meaning and ask them if what they read has made sense.  All these things let the child know, that what they are doing is important to you and you care.
Overdue Notices.
Overdue notices will go home every week on Friday.
Can you please talk to your child about the books that they have outstanding from the library. If they have finished, please remind them to put the book in their bag to return first thing Monday morning, or if they are still reading it, let them know that they can come in a renew the loan at anytime before or after school or at lunch time.