Mildura West Primary School aims for each student to be an engaged, connected 21st century citizen capable of shaping our future.

We have a strong and exciting ICT program at Mildura West. This includes a '1 to 1' iPad program for grades 3 to 6, access to class sets of netbook and chrome computers, cameras, robotics equipment, Google Apps and much more. As part of the iPad program students have an iPad device to 'support and enhance' their learning. This is their primary device for learning and allows instant access to a range of school-based digital resources. It also allows for greater personalisation of their learning.

Our program allows for 24/7 access to the device at home and at school to further extend the learning and to improve links between home and school. Parents can either BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or they can lease a device through the school. Parents are not required to provide software. However, parents are able to install additional apps on the devices provided the primary role is for student learning.

Our school provides:

  • Software apps for each student
  • An iPad Helpdesk for 'Parent' and students
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Technical support

Why iPads?

  • Instant on / Faster to load / Long battery life
  • Applications are not expensive 
  • Best tablet apps for Education 
  • User friendly / intuitive 
  • Personalised device 
  • Access to 24/7 learning options
  • Less complexities 
  • Has a good integrated camera for images and video 
  • Availibility of many creative apps
  • Easy multimedia creation 

Students at Mildura West still have access and use netbooks and chromebooks as part of their learning. Our aim is to develop ICT savvy students that can use digital technologies across a range of devices.

For any question regarding our iPad program please use the contact form or email:

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