2017 Student Leaders

Every year our amazing students step up and volunteer their time to ensure that Mildura West is the best it can be. We have fantastic School Captians and Vice Captains, who represent the school in a variety of in school and out of school extra curricula activities. Our Sustainability Ambassadors and Environmental teams help us with our green footprint in the school and in the local community from National Tree Planting day, Clean Up our School and Clean Up Australia Day activities, to replanting and cleaning up Lock Island and Johnson's Bend. The Tech team is savvy in all aspect of running our Information Technology in the school. SRC is smoothly run with a capable President and Secretary and 2 representatives from every class, having their voices heard in what they feel are the important issues in our school.

Our student Leaders 2017 :- 

Captains :-  Jai Magno (captain) Jorja Donohue (captain)  Alex Watson (vice-captain) Grace Hogarth (vice-captain)









SRC office bearers :- Kate Crouch (President) Harmony Brougham (Vice President) Sophie Telfer (Special Events Co-ordinator)








House Captains :- 

MURRAY - BLUE HOUSE CAPTAINS - Jack Jessup and Imogen Morgan      VICE CAPTAINS - Riley Barnes and Roza Tas








DARLING - RED HOUSE CAPTAINS -  Charlie Cook and Francies Naquto      VICE CAPTAINS - Jack Taylor and Ruby Webley









MACQUARIE - GREEN HOUSE CAPTAINS - Tom Pratt, Lili McHugh and Laci McHugh     VICE CAPTAINS - Mohammad Ehsani and Miriam Tippett







MURRUMBIDGEE - YELLOW HOUSE CAPTAINS - Hamayun Nasirie and Milate Miki     VICE CAPTAINS - Ethen Blake-Roberts and Summer Roberts








SRC (Student Representative Council) :- 


























Tech Team :- 

RREP Leaders :- 


Hamayun Nasirie

Lachlan Meaney

Jayden Robertson

Riley Barnes

Heidi Davis

Ruby Webley

Madison Francis

Ryleigh McDonald

Lilly Croucher



Abbey McPhee

Milate Miki

Olivia Stylianou

Darci Lapthorne

Roza Tas

Eliza Ward

Solopani Miki

Jasmin Iredale

Hayley Cooper


Kaeden Craig

Jake Brown

Kayd Divola

Kalym Higgins

Lennox Chanboon

Coplin Rosebottom

Harmony Brougham

Grace Hogarth

Zhoe Ditchburn


Francies Naquto

Sara Nasirie

Janeti Tuyisabe

Lisa Banner

Taryn Clode

Guilia Banner

Rhianna Meaney

Ashlyn Garraway

Atlanta Memery


Konrad Cash

Bowen Maynard

Marcus Butcher

James Gray

Murtadha Al-Rubaye

Ruby Magno

Indiana Mann

Abby Stewart


Sustainability Ambassadors :- 

Environmental Leaders :-