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Our Visions, Our Values, Our School.

MWPS Vision

MWPS provides an engaging environment where children are challenged and motivated to become the best they can be.

MWPS Values

Resilience • Respect • Excellence • Pride

Our School

Mildura West Primary School is a vibrant and happy place to be. It offers an excellent range of educational opportunities, programs, facilities and resources. The school has approximately 390 students from a diverse range of backgrounds and nations. This diversity is one of the characteristics that make it a great school. Children learn best when parents/carers, teachers and students are partners in the education process. An ‘Open Door’ policy and regular communication ensure this happens. Parents trust that we take very good care of their children. The children at West are always placed first. All decisions are made with the student in the centre. Our School Values, Resilience, Respect, Excellence and Pride, are truly ‘alive’ and evident in all that we do.


Q. What night is my child performing?

A. Your child is performing on BOTH Tuesday & Wednesday nights at the same time each night

Q. What performance is my child in?

A. First Half (Scarlett Santana) Classes performing in this order: 5K, Prep S, Prep L, Prep B, 6C, 3C, 4P, 2D, 6C and then the finale (drop off at the back of the Art Centre at 6.30pm and pick up at the back of the Art Centre at 8pm) It is Essential that parents/carers sign children IN and OUT from your child’s classroom teacher.

Second Half (Bookworm) Classes performing in this order: 3A, 1/2H, Prep P, 1C, 2L, 6M, 5C, 4B, 1S, 6M, 5C and then Bows from all (drop off at the back of the Art Centre at 7.30pm and pick up at the back of the Art Centre at 9.15pm) Essential that parents/carers sign children IN and OUT from your child’s classroom teacher.

Q. What if I’m watching the whole performance – where does my child go?

 A.You are able to drop your child off at the back of the Art Centre at 6.30pm. They’ll be checked off and taken to the ballet studio upstairs to watch the concert on monitors until it’s time for their own performance. Students will be supervised AT ALL TIMES. After the concert, please make your way to your child’s class ‘carpark’ where they will be waiting for you to sign them out.

Q. Where is the Art Exhibition?

A. The Art Exhibition is in the foyer of the Mildura Arts Centre.

Q. When can I view the Art Exhibition?

A.The Art Exhibition is open to the public Tuesday and Wednesday; you can pop in during opening hours or come along earlier to the concert performances and have a browse.

Q. Does every child have a piece in the Art Show?

A.  Unfortunately due to space there is a limited amount of items to be displayed. The Exhibition is a showcase of selected pieces. All students were involved in selecting the pieces for the Art Show

2018 Mildura West Art Exhibition

We are very excited to announce that, for the first time, our school Visual Arts Exhibition will be open to the public during opening times at the Mildura Arts Centre. It will coincide with our Concert Performances next Tuesday and Wednesday, showcasing selected student artwork in the foyer of the theatre. Be sure to arrive early to have a wander through and let family and friends know they can catch this great visual display. Thanks to all involved in making this exhibition a wonderful CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS at West.

Concert 2018

TICKETS for our spectacular concert are on sale now at MILDURA ART CENTRE and the VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE. 

Volleyball Regional Championships

Last Thursday, nine Grade Six boys travelled to Swan Hill with Miss Mayne and Mr Cav, to compete in the Loddon Mallee Region Championships. The boys played one game against Kennington Primary School and were victorious! In the first set the nerves were evident and the boys went down. After a pep talk and some reassuring words, the boys calmed down and showed great composure and skill, winning the second set convincingly. It all came down to the third and final set. Win and we would progress to the State Championships, lose and this was the end of our volleyball campaign. Again, the boys won this set comfortably and have now qualified for the State Championships in Melbourne later this month. The hard work and dedication shown by all of these boys is commendable. Good luck in Melbourne!

Concert 2018


All Costumes should be at school by Friday 9th November (your child should have bought home a note outlining what is required)

Concert organisation – Drop off & pick up

The concert is a wonderful experience, and we need to make sure the organisation is smooth. Managing 400 students to get on and off the stage can be tricky. Please read the flyer included which outlines the organisation for the “drop off & pick up”

Please read carefully and see your child’s classroom teacher if you have any questions

Cultivator Conference 2018

On Friday 19th October Mrs. Saunders took a small group of Year 6 students to the Mildura Arts Centre to be part of the Cultivator Conference 2018. They got to listen to Amy Churchouse (founder of The Good Karma Project) and Bec Storer (acclaimed ‘Creative’ and Director of The Cutaway). The presenters shared amazing stories about how they came to make the world a better place through their love of design, art and a strong belief in themselves.

Our personal favourite was Bec Storer because of her little funny quotes and how much she upgraded and improved to who she is today. Her story was very inspiring and she also made us laugh. The most important thing we learned from guest speaker, Bec Storer, was to always have a go, and be brave. Also aim to be around the people that believe in you. Like Bec said, “Just have a go Darl....like life is too short Darl”. Amy Churchouse also wasn't afraid to meet new people by communicating and having a go. What we learnt was that we shouldn’t be scared to chase our dreams and make a difference because the people that talked on Friday showed that you just have to ‘try your best’.

We feel like the conference was better than we expected because Bec made us laugh and was really entertaining. We were always on our toes, wondering what else she was going to say. We also learned a lot about design and her as a person. When Bec started to share some of her own personal photos and information, the way she brought it into her current time was amazing. As  she was talking about her projects it made us really interested in how she did them. Her story of how she came to be interested in art work and things also made us wonder what we want to do when we are older. As she was talking about her young life (Little Bec ), we found it interesting and made lots of personal connections to her life growing up in Merbein.

Students said they would recommend this type of conference to people that need some inspiration to get motivated, have a go and be brave. Sometimes we just think people are going to judge or that we will never make it, but it can happen if you have a go. They also thought it would be great for young people with big dreams that want to take some advice for a professional journey. It would definitely help them out with their journey. Grade 5s next year might like this conference as well. We will take what Bec said and always try our best and the action we will take is to try design and photography at school because it looks super fun!

A combined reflection from Taz, Jack, Mimi, Evin, Paris and Gabby.

Whacky Wednesday Canteen Specials

Whacky Wednesday Canteen Specials

Each Wednesday the canteen will have a special item on the Menu. Keep your eyes on the newsletter each week for the special.

Whacky Wednesday Deal: Chicken Schnitzel Burger $4.00

Friday Special Food Day: Mac and Cheese $4.00

Please have all orders into the canteen by 9.00am


Don’t miss out!! It’s going to be AMAZING!!

Tickets are now available for you to purchase. This year we were not permitted by the Arts Centre to sell them at school. So please buy them from either the Mildura Arts Centre or Deakin Visitor Information Centre.

The school does not make a profit from the concert. Funds raised from the ticket sale merely covers expenses such as costumes & our amazing Dance teacher.

Your child should have bought home a note about their costume, costumes need to be at school by Friday 9th November.